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SEOSeptember 2015

Make Google+ Work For You

Google+: Good for Business? If you use social media to market your business, you probably have and use accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, perhaps even Instagram. But what about Google+? Is it worth marketing on Google’s answer to […]

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DevelopmentSeptember 2015

The Need for Speed

How fast is your website, and why does it matter? If you’re a company with a website, you may be wondering just that. Loading times naturally make a difference to online search users; people make first impressions about […]

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DevelopmentAugust 2015

The Virtues of Small Design Agencies

So you’ve decided to hire a website design agency to help create the perfect website for your business. Which agency should you go for? Should you hire a big, well known company, or a smaller one? Here are […]

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SEOAugust 2015

Do you have control over your domain name and server?

Does your company have control over it’s website’s domain name and server? It might not be clear why this is important, but it’s something that every company should understand and care about. If you used an agency or […]

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E-commerceAugust 2015

The Vulnerability Your Online Store Might Have

A vulnerability in the Magneto e-commerce platform has been found by Check Point researchers, who are urging online store owners and administrators to apply a patch designed to address the problem. Check Point first contacted Magneto Security in […]

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DevelopmentAugust 2015

Off the Shelf Vs Bespoke Software

The quintessential question for any company on the market for a software whether to use an off the shelf arrangement or a custom designed solution. The question can be daunting, but there are several things that you can […]

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AdvertisementAugust 2015

How can video benefit you?

Our partner Silvertip Films produce a wide range of video content – corporate videos, online video, motion graphic animations, live event coverage and even the occasional music video. Video is what Silvertip Films do, they love it. They […]

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Enterprise ApplicationsJuly 2015

We Love Local Businesses

In an increasingly globalised world, small local businesses are still able out against large multinational corporations. It’s known as the David effect, as in David and Goliath. Despite corporations having greater resources, brand recognition and influence, local businesses […]

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EmailMay 2015

Email: The Beginning of the End?

Psychologist Sir Cary Cooper has concluded that an ‘email epidemic’ has caused UK employees to be less productive than their international counterparts. Employees are frequently answering emails outside working nights, weekends and holidays. Sir Cooper says that this […]

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CMSApril 2015

Surrey & Berkshire Retirement Village

BEN was founded in 1905 and was known as Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund but it was not long before the Motor Industry was admitted and the charity changed its name to Cycle and Motor Trades Benevolent Fund in […]

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