Environmental Policy

Wirebox is a London based Web Development Agency, which provides technical expertise and delivers online database development solutions to streamline business, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Like many businesses, Wirebox is on the beginning of our environmental journey. This policy sets out how we will strive to understand our environmental impacts and achieve our intention to reduce these impacts. Wirebox is a member of The Good Business Charter. This statement forms part of fulfilling the environmental component of the Charter. Wirebox is committed to complying with all environmental legislation, reducing our environmental impact and continual improvement.


Energy usage: Wirebox is the owner of our operating premises. LED lighting has been installed, as well as movement sensors in the washrooms. We implement a ‘Switch Off Policy’ when equipment is not in use (eg lights and other electrical equipment). We will encourage actions such as a ‘boil once, boil enough’ hot drinks policy.

Energy Supply: We will review our current contract with a view to switching to a green energy provider.

Provision of Service: Other than operating electronic equipment, one of the largest energy impacts of our services relates to the coding we write. We will work to gain a greater understanding of the ‘hidden’ energy impacts of our services and set reduction targets, for example our hosting services and green coding.

Resource Efficiency

We are fundamentally a resource efficient organisation using few consumables.

Waste: We pledge to comply with business waste regulations, including WEEE regulations for disposal of electronic equipment.  Our aim is to minimise any wastes, segregate and recycle where there is opportunity to do so, for example, cardboard packaging and food waste in the kitchen.

Purchasing, Paper and Printing:  We will endeavour to source sustainably produced products for all our purchases, from our digital equipment to FSC or PECT paper, or our office furniture if refurbishing or replacement is needed.  We acknowledge that electronic equipment intrinsically requires rare earth metals in their manufacture, damaging to the environment. Our current preferred supplier is Apple and we note their environmental actions. We will continue to encourage printing only when necessary, setting printer defaults to double sided.

Travel Policy: Wirebox has recently moved offices enabling greener travel-to-work alternatives to car, including cycling, walking and by train. We will continue to schedule client meetings online (post COVID), to avoid un-necessary travel.

Net Zero

In recognition of the Climate Emergency and the Good Business Charter’s requirement, Wirebox pledges to identify our emissions and set of target date to achieve Net Zero by 2050 by;

  1. Reducing energy consumption where possible
  2. Purchasing green energy (see energy supply section of this policy) and appropriate maintenance of our air conditioning system
  3. Understanding and applying Green Tech Coding principles
  4. Offsetting our unavoidable direct emissions and encouraging our clients to do the same.

This Policy is available on our website www.wirebox.co.uk. It will be shared with employees. A printed copy is available on request. The policy will be reviewed annually and updated if necessary by
Andrew Ajoodha, the business owner, who is responsible for its implementation and ensuring Wirebox continues to reduce our environmental impact.

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