CMS September 2020

Why you need to update your version of WordPress

Why choose WordPress? Did you know that over 32% of all websites currently run on WordPress? That amounts to over 75 million websites!  It’s not hard to see why WordPress is the most popular choice for building a […]

Advertisement December 2019

How to target the mature market and increase leads

How to target the mature market and increase leads Over half of the adults in the UK are aged over 45. However, there can be a perception that advertising doesn’t work for the older generation, but why would […]

CMS June 2019

Which eCommerce platform is best for your business?

When launching an eCommerce business it’s vital you get the technology right, so we have reviewed the top 3 eCommerce solutions on the market to help you decide which is the best option for your business. Magento Magento […]

CMS February 2019

Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento

Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento WordPress is the go to platform and it the most popular choice for bloggers and small businesses.  It allows you, via open source software to create websites and blogs. Magento is the […]

CMS July 2017

WordPress 4.8

What to Expect from WordPress 4.8 Expectations are everything, and with the new WordPress 4.8 “Evans” coming out in a week’s time, the new properties and features need to be explained in detail to give developers an informed […]

CMS January 2017

Odoo 10

Odoo 10: The 7 New Updates to Learn About Odoo 10 is out, the latest version of the complete Enterprise Resource Planning software that so many choose to run their businesses with. Odoo has undergone an immense change, […]

Application security January 2017

The fifteen keys to WordPress security

Is your WordPress site vulnerable to attacks or viruses? You can never be completely sure, of course, that you aren’t being hacked. That’s the anonymous and unregulated nature of the internet. Whenever you visit a site or give […]

APPs December 2016

Magento and Odoo Integration

Magento and Odoo are two of the most popular open-source, community based digital platforms around for businesses. But do you need to choose between the two, or can you integrate these two systems in order to get the […]

CMS October 2016

The Low-Down on WordPress 4.6

WordPress 4.6: What you Need to Know WordPress ‘Pepper’, named after the jazz baritone saxophonist has many new features and functions. Here’s what WordPress users need to know. Update Improvement Theme and plugin management is streamlined in a […]

CMS September 2016


What is HubSpot? HubSpot is a company that creates inbound marketing software. Inbound marketing is promotion through social media, newsletters, products and other forms of content marketing. These forms of promotion attempt to draw people in by gaining […]

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