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CMSMarch 2015

Why You Should Update WordPress

It may seem like a hassle, but you should update WordPress whenever a new version comes out. Let me explain why. WordPress, like any other piece of software on your computer or mobile device, gets new versions from […]

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DevelopmentFebruary 2015

Time & Materials – T & M Costing

Time and Materials is a phrase often used when businesses are proposing work to be completed, not setting a fixed cost, but the purchase agrees to pay for the time and also materials used in completing a task. […]

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ResponsiveOctober 2014

Wirebox launch their new Responsive website

We are very excited to finally be able to launch our new website; it has a fresh new design and improved navigation to the additional products, services and client testimonials we have been receiving. Our previous web site […]

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ResponsiveJune 2013

Responsive Web Sites

A business needs a website not only to promote their services and products, but to provide reassurance and confidence in the company and offerings.  Wirebox believe that the majority of businesses now agree with this statement, although in […]

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AdvertisementJanuary 2012

Very Nice (LG) Advert

Watch the advert first. Really love the advert, only has a little bit of branding, but gets the message across.

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DevelopmentJune 2011

Why a Mobile-Optimised website?

In under a year, Google has seen a 500% increase in commercially relevant search queries from mobile devices. According to Morgan Stanley’s analysts, based on the current rate of change and adoption, the mobile web will be bigger […]

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DevelopmentDecember 2010

What is HTML5? I Want a HTML5 Site

I have heard this a lot recently, since Steve’s open letter regarding Flash and the no support on Apple devices like the Iphone and Ipad. HTML5 is the next major revision of the HTML standard which offers new […]

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Cloud TechnologyDecember 2010

Issue with the Cloud

Reading the post from Charles Arthur, the Guardian Technology editor on his blog, he brings up a very good point on issues with the cloud. With this week’s events of Wikileaks and companies like MasterCard, PayPal and then […]

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AdvertisementOctober 2010

Sky Cut Outs

A recent advertising campaign from Sky “Believe in Better” was thrust through millions of households this month. The letter opens up to a whirlwind of cut outs ranging from a frog to a sky ride bike. This sort […]

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SEOAugust 2010

The New “Secret” Google Ranking Factor Searcher Task Accomplishment

This new digital strategy is the most exciting opportunity in the past 10 years because for once there is a clear and measurable benefit for your business. Moz recently published a video revealing a new ranking factor that […]

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