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    emw law

    EMW Law is a commercial law firm with offices in Gatwick, London and Milton Keynes. They were recommended by Wirebox to help maintain and support their current website operations. Wirebox takes steps to ensure the site can be supported, such as auditing the version of CMS, infrastructure, security updates, backup solutions, version control software, deployment software, domain and DNS access monitoring software. The plan was conducted over a timed period to ensure minimal disruption to EMW and their digital marketing operations. EMW was happy and pleased with the onboarding and ongoing support provided by Wirebox. Wirebox will continue to support EMW and their partners for the foreseeable future.

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    law south

    Law South is a grouping of twelve high profile firms of solicitors based in the Midlands, London and the south of England. Wirebox was recommended to redevelop the existing Law South website due to their experience and knowledge in digital development. The approach was to conduct a Discover Workshop to understand the requirements, review the proposed architecture and challenge it, gather brand assets, define an initial rapid prototype of 2-3 functioning design ideas with interactive site, select WordPress as the CMS solution, customise a WordPress plugin to enable courses to be displayed on the site, and use a magic login to login to the site. The website has been well received and the functionality has improved considerably over the old site.

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    nq solictors

    NQ Solicitors is an online matching platform that allows Newly Qualified Solicitors to create an anonymous Profile and be matched with private practice law firms who are looking to hire for specific vacancies. The system was created using the Laravel framework and Vagrant tool Homestead to create development environments that closely replicated the production server. Law firms can run searches on the solicitor database which will return intelligent matches based off both the solicitors and law firm’s profile and preferences. The process is mediated by the NQ Recruitment team who has an overview of the entire system. The application NQ Solicitors was launched in 2016 and is widely recognised as a disruptive influence on the traditional recruitment process.

    It allows law firms to run searches on the solicitor database which will return intelligent matches based off both the solicitors and law firm’s profile and preferences. It also allows NQ admins to login as any user via their admin panel with one click, allowing them to support solicitors or law firms with any part of the application over the phone and act on their behalf. Wirebox continues to support NQ Solicitors and is a valued client of Wirebox.

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