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Inline with our project approach, we will begin this scope of work with some research and exploration into your business, audience and values.

Our brand story investigation helps us to create a unified understanding of your brand and provides us with a deeper working knowledge of your organisation. From this, we will have the key information that we need in order to form a creative brief for designs and content which will resonate with both you and your target audience.

  • Workshop to understand your requirements and to thrash out thoughts
  • Review the proposed architecture and challenge it
  • Review the audience types and challenge it
  • Review user journeys and challenge it
  • Gather brand assets
  • Logo artwork, colour palette, supporting typeface and direction for iconography, photography or illustration


This is the beginning of the visual design process. We will work with you to develop the creative direction for your website, establishing the building blocks for your user journeys, site UX and UI. Outputs from this scope of work will include:

  • Initial design (UX & UI) thoughts
  • Initial rapid prototype of 2-3 functioning design ideas with interactive site.
  • Starts with simple hotspots moving to rollovers, drop downs if applicable
  • We’ll work these ideas across Mobile & Desktop


Once the visual aspect of your new website has been defined and agreed, we would hand the project over to our most valuable asset: our development team, consisting of developers across multiple disciplines, including front- and backend developers, testers and designers.

Your project will be developed under a dedicated project manager who will oversee the scheduling and milestone completions whilst providing clear and regular updates.

  • The final functioning prototype sent to the delivery team
  • Internal project kick-off meeting so developers understand roles & responsibilities for your project.
  • Regular updates based on work completed & milestones achieved
  • Personal staging server to see our progress & your project come to life.


Based on your feedback on the prototype, we will update by adding essential working pages

  • We have the final functioning prototype
  • We will have tested across browsers

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