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Enterprise ApplicationsJuly 2015

We Love Local Businesses

In an increasingly globalised world, small local businesses are still able out against large multinational corporations. It’s known as the David effect, as in David and Goliath. Despite corporations having greater resources, brand recognition and influence, local businesses […]

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EmailMay 2015

Email: The Beginning of the End?

Psychologist Sir Cary Cooper has concluded that an ‘email epidemic’ has caused UK employees to be less productive than their international counterparts. Employees are frequently answering emails outside working nights, weekends and holidays. Sir Cooper says that this […]

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CMSApril 2015

Surrey & Berkshire Retirement Village

BEN was founded in 1905 and was known as Cycle Trades Benevolent Fund but it was not long before the Motor Industry was admitted and the charity changed its name to Cycle and Motor Trades Benevolent Fund in […]

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CMSApril 2015

Livingspace UK

Livingspace & Partners provide contemporary and modern furniture from their three central London locations in Fulham, Baker Street & Islington. Their range of Italian furniture is selected from the World’s leading designers to cover all different tastes and […]

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AdvertisementApril 2015

Is Facebook Uncool

Are Teens Losing Interest in Facebook? In 2013 and 2014, numerous online news articles claimed that Facebook was losing popularity among teens. These claims were based on studies that suggested that millions of teens were leaving Facebook, and […]

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Mobile OptimisationApril 2015

Countdown to Mobilegeddon

What’s Mobilegeddon? On April 21st, Google will be changing its mobile search algorithm to favour mobile friendly websites. This means that if your website is not easy to read on a mobile, it might go down in mobile […]

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Social MediaApril 2015

Visitors Into Customers

Creative Design Turns Website Visitors into Clients The design of your company website is a powerful tool to generate new clients. A well designed site can draw potential clients in, while a poorly designed site can drive them […]

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APPsMarch 2015

Have you heard about KA-BOOM?

Have you heard about KA-BOOM? It’s an explosive new app that connects brands to the people that love them. Available on any tablet or mobile device, you can use KA-BOOM to advertise your brand using above the line […]

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DevelopmentMarch 2015

The Importance of Backing Up Your Servers

It’s easy to underestimate how important it is to back up your servers. While servers are generally reliable, all it takes is a system failure or a disaster such as flooding or fire to cripple your business. Here […]

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DevelopmentMarch 2015

Top Tips for Managing Complex/Technical Projects

Managing a project can seem daunting, and even more so if is complex or technical. Whether you’re working on a new space station or trying to manage a courier service, these tips will help you to gain control […]

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