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WP Engine Halloween Deal

October 17 2017

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Halloween is approaching, so if your fear is missing out on great deals then don’t wait until then. From now until October 31st, get 5 months free of WP Engine when you purchase a personal, professional or business plan. Just click on this link and use the code “halloween2017”. The deal does not apply to […]

How AI is Changing Web Development

October 9 2017

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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence used to be a theme for science fiction. However AI is real and has become a major part of society. From automated checkouts and call centers to self-driving cars and robot doctors. Machines have come a long way from doing the rote industrial labour of factory workers and horse-drawn carriages. […]

Starting up an Online Business

October 3 2017

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You want to start an online business. You’ve got a killer idea and you’re excited to get out there and present it to the world. But it’s also a daunting task. Setting up a business is complex and laborious. There’s a lot that needs to be gotten right. Where do you even start? Wirebox went […]

Sales and Ecommerce

September 26 2017

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Sales and Ecommerce Optimization What are the factors of e-commerce that determine a sale? Experiences matter, with first impressions being a significant determinant of brand loyalty and sales. If your site’s visitors have a difficult time understanding your site and going through the process to buy something, they’ll quickly get bored and move on to […]

Using Big Data

September 22 2017

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“Big data” refers to data sets so large that conventional software can’t process them adequately for the task required. Some of the challenges surrounding big data include data capture and storage, analysis and sharing, and visualisation and transfer. Big data has developed out of a greater ability to gather data from the Internet of things, […]

Using Odoo to Manage your Customer’s Business Requirements

September 20 2017

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What’s Odoo? Odoo is a suite of enterprise management applications that can streamline and unify all aspects of business including project management, warehouse management, distribution, customer services and accounting. It’s the digital backbone of a successful online business. At Wirebox we use and endorse Odoo because it’s a high quality digital solution which is flexible […]

Budgeting for ERP

September 12 2017

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Top Tips on Budgeting the Cost of ERP Implementation Enterprise Resource Planning technology is an important part of any business’ digital management, but like most things it becomes obsolete over time. You need to update or possibly replace your ERP software, which means going to the market and looking for the most effective option. But […]

The Potential of Quantum Computing

September 7 2017

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The Potential of Quantum Computing Scientists have recently proposed a new piece of technology which will make creating quantum computers easier. The technology in question is a new kind of qubit, a subatomic particle forming part of a computer system. Quantum computers, the next step in computer technology, use quantum phenomena to perform computations. A […]

Report on the Watford Jobs Fair

September 4 2017

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Last Friday, Wirebox attended the Watford Jobs Fair. The Fair is an annual event giving people and businesses the opportunity to come together to promote jobs in the local area. The Watford Jobs Fair was well attended, and we met promising people looking for employment. Several young people were enthusiastic and had a refreshing interest […]

The Watford Jobs Fair 2017

August 30 2017

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This year, Wirebox is attending the Watford Jobs Fair on September 1st at the Langley Banqueting Suites between 10am and 4pm. At the invitation of Watford’s MP Richard Harrington, founder of the Jobs Fair in 2011, the Wirebox team will be there to meet and give advice to people looking for a job in the […]