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Servers on the cloud
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Amazon Web Services
August 8 2017

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary to Amazon, delivering full suite cloud computing services for on-demand computing platforms. Cloud computing uses a network of separate servers connected through the internet to store and process data, rather than using the local server from a personal computer. The benefit of cloud computing is that it provides stronger […]

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Troubleshooting: Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your IT System
July 17 2017

Changing or upgrading your IT system can be tricky and fraught with dangers. If done incorrectly, the change could have affect the departments of your company and your clients’ personal information could be at risk from hackers. But correctly updating your system will improve your quality of customer support and service provision, gaining you loyal […]

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WordPress 4.8
July 10 2017

What to Expect from WordPress 4.8 Expectations are everything, and with the new WordPress 4.8 “Evans” coming out in a week’s time, the new properties and features need to be explained in detail to give developers an informed preview of what to expect. Named after the jazz pianist Bill Evans, the latest version of WordPress […]

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WP Engine’s 4th July Offer
July 3 2017

WP Engine Offer On the 4th of July, as part of their Independence Day promotion, WordPress Engine is offering 4 months free serviceon any annual shared plan, available until Saturday 8th July. This offer is available for new customers purchasing either the annual Personal, Professional, or Business plan and can be accessed using the code […]

Pile of pound sterling coins
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10 Ways to Raise Finances for Startups
June 5 2017

Every business has to raise capital to get off the ground. You need money to buy equipment, pay employees and market your business to find customers. For small businesses, becoming profitable can take a while. This is particularly true for tech startups, even big platforms like Twitter can record large net losses. So if you […]

Email icon
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Apps for Email
May 19 2017

Every year the battle rages on: is email marketing dead? Every year some say yes, and the next year the debate is raised again. But what is indisputable is that email is changing. More people are using email on their mobile devices, with most favouring email as their main channel for commercial messages. It’s clear […]

Twitter app on phone
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Social Marketing: Twitter
May 12 2017

Guide to Twitter Marketing Twitter. Everyone’s on it. It’s a powerful platform for building connections between people and brands. It’s a way of creating, sharing and responding to momentary messages which take seconds to catch on or be buried under a tsunami of other ideas, opinions and links. In this kind of environment, a marketing […]

Vector graphic of iPhones browsing e-commerce sites
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Review Platforms for E-commerce
April 14 2017

Customer reviews are an important part of getting feedback for businesses, especially online businesses who use reviews and testimonials to advertise products and services on their site. A study of online customer behaviour shows that in recent years, more people are using reviews to pick businesses on a regular basis. Further evidence suggests more reviews […]

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Security Update
April 7 2017

Security Update Security is a continuous concern for the owners of commercial websites. Such websites are public-facing, with a professional reputation and often handle sensitive customer and user information. That’s why we keep ahead of the latest changes to online security and the evolving methods of strengthening security and reducing vulnerabilities. This security update concerns […]

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Enabling Online Payments
March 31 2017

If you own an online company, or your company has a website, then online payments can make it easier for your customers to obtain the services they need in a way that is effective for them. Having an online payment service for your business is definitely something you should be thinking about if you don’t […]