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What your SEO Agency should be doing for your business

December 12 2017

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What a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency should be doing for your business Selecting an agency to provide SEO services can be a minefield, there are many agencies that will promise great results, however quick wins can actually provide more damaging returns in the long term. Ethical search engine optimisation can be process driven, but […]

Benefits of WP Engine

December 7 2017

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WP Engine is the most popular platform for hosting WordPress websites. Created and maintained in Austin, Texas, the platform is used by 30,000 clients in 120 countries around the world. The platform can be purchased at various rates depending on your particular user needs, ranging from personal to professional to business. There are many reasons […]

Harvest: The Time Management App

November 27 2017

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About Harvest Wirebox uses Harvest to manage its time schedule. The app allows you to organise work schedules, payments and team management all in one place, as well as integrate platforms and business functions. Timesheets The main feature of Harvest is the online timesheet, which our staff log into and use online to record the […]

Cyber Weekend Deal

November 20 2017

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Cyber Monday is almost here! On November 27th, online businesses across the world will be offering deals to their customers, and you’ll want to as well to stay competitive. Having started in 2005, Cyber Monday happens because after Thanksgiving and window shopping over the weekend, otherwise productive employees were using their computers to shop online […]

GDPR: What You Need to Know

November 10 2017

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GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, a piece of legislation from the EU which intends to strengthen and unify data protection for all EU citizens. The aim is to give people power over their own personal data, as well as simplify data protection regulation by making it uniform across the whole of the EU. […]


October 24 2017

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What Are Wireframes? A wireframe is a webpage blueprint or schematic, which visually represents the underlying structure of the site. The goal of a wireframe is to make clear the basic functions of the page, the information displayed and the various scenarios based on what the page allows users to do. Why Use Wireframes? Wireframes […]

WP Engine Halloween Deal

October 17 2017

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Halloween is approaching, so if your fear is missing out on great deals then don’t wait until then. From now until October 31st, get 5 months free of WP Engine when you purchase a personal, professional or business plan. Just click on this link and use the code “halloween2017”. The deal does not apply to […]

How AI is Changing Web Development

October 9 2017

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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence used to be a theme for science fiction. However AI is real and has become a major part of society. From automated checkouts and call centers to self-driving cars and robot doctors. Machines have come a long way from doing the rote industrial labour of factory workers and horse-drawn carriages. […]

Starting up an Online Business

October 3 2017

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You want to start an online business. You’ve got a killer idea and you’re excited to get out there and present it to the world. But it’s also a daunting task. Setting up a business is complex and laborious. There’s a lot that needs to be gotten right. Where do you even start? Wirebox went […]

Sales and Ecommerce

September 26 2017

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Sales and Ecommerce Optimization What are the factors of e-commerce that determine a sale? Experiences matter, with first impressions being a significant determinant of brand loyalty and sales. If your site’s visitors have a difficult time understanding your site and going through the process to buy something, they’ll quickly get bored and move on to […]