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Development November 2015

System Errors: Upgrade your software system without letting down your clients

The chances are good that, at some point during the lifetime of your company, you’ll have to upgrade or change your IT system. This is an immense undertaking. If done correctly, updating your system can improve your quality […]

Development November 2015

Language Choice on Websites

Are you looking to grow your company into an international, or even global, force? Obtaining a broad reach that spans countries requires several things: a unique, groundbreaking idea; a truckload of ambition and the ability to take risks; […]

Development November 2015

Rich Snippets

What are Rich Snippets? They’re not a new kind of biscuit, even though they sound like one. Rich Snippets represent opportunities to improve your SEO and increase traffic to your website. They are added pieces of information which […]

Application security November 2015


Hacking can come in many forms, from accessing individual servers to leaking information from the databases of governments and multinational corporations. But, big or small, if a hacker gets through your company’s security system then they can take […]

Advertisement November 2015

What to Do About Ad Blockers

What to Do About Ad Blockers Ad blocking is a thorny issue online. Let’s face it, nobody likes sitting through adverts. In an internet culture where people want content to be quicker, more direct and readily available, there’s […]

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