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Cyber security = big business. If you’re growing your cyber security team, OR buying cyber security tech, just remember: most cyber attacks are caused by staff.

With that in mind, here are 5 things EVERY business owner should teach their staff, in order to reduce risk:

  • Downloading Software: Know The Risks

Downloading software is fraught with risk, and malware is always just a stone’s throw away.

Be sure to implement a ‘software download’ policy, and educate your staff on it. When in doubt, make sure they contact your IT department for permission first, or have the source checked first.

  • Good Password Practice

Passwords are a playground for hackers.

So many businesses have ‘set’ passwords, or keep the same passwords for ages. Make sure that ALL passwords in your organisation are changed every 45-90 days, and ALWAYS use numbers and characters.

  • Back Everything Up – Frequently

Do you have an effective backup system in place?

Have a backup system on your server hard drives, cloud systems, and devices. Losing important information due to a hack, or an accidental deletion could result in the end of your business.

  • Spam And Phishing

It’s amazing how much damage clicking a link can cause.

One click can result in malware being spread throughout your entire network. Educate your employees on spam and phishing, and make sure that you implement regular refresher training on this issue.

  • Keep Your Staff Informed

Keep your staff in the know about any new scams or issues.

Education = a reduction in cyber security attacks. The more you invest in frequent education and counteractive software, the less likely you’ll become a target.

Want to batten down the cyber-security hatch in YOUR organisation? We can help. Get in touch.

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