Articles from September 2020

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HTTPS September 2020

Why You Need HTTPS

What is HTTPS?   You may be wondering if your website really needs HTTPS (Hyptertext Transfer Protocol Secure).   Unfortunately, data breaches are now everyday news.  Internet users are more concerned about their online security and privacy.  Having that […]

Browsers September 2020

Why we use Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare? Cloudflare is essentially a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  The core function of Cloudflare is to help small to large businesses secure their online assets and make them faster.  It was set up in 2009 with […]

SEO September 2020

Top 10 ways to improve website speed

Top 10 ways to improve website speed We all know by now that speed matters. Google’s PageRank algorithm takes into account web page loading times. It’s crucial that your website speed is optimised to ensure it’s not slipping […]

CMS September 2020

Why you need to update your version of WordPress

Why choose WordPress? Did you know that over 32% of all websites currently run on WordPress? That amounts to over 75 million websites!  It’s not hard to see why WordPress is the most popular choice for building a […]

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