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Database July 2017

The Dangers of Excel

The Dangers of Excel Excel may seem harmless enough as a system for managing your company’s data, but it can actually be downright dangerous. In fact, it might be the most dangerous software on the planet. Sound like […]

Database July 2017

Spreadsheet vs Database

Spreadsheets, Databases and the ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign Which is better for your business’ data management, a database or a spreadsheet? To help you find out, you might want to think about these two solutions in these terms: […]

Database July 2017

Benefits of a Database

5 Big Benefits of a Database People and businesses are becoming increasingly tired of Excel spreadsheets as a way of storing and processing important data. The problem is that Excel isn’t a very good way of managing data, […]

Database July 2017

5 Excel Spreadsheet Nightmares

5 common Excel problems (and what to do about them) Many businesses rely heavily, or even entirely on spreadsheets for their data storage and processing.5 common Excel problems (and what to do about them) Many businesses rely heavily, […]

Development July 2017

Troubleshooting: Common Mistakes When Upgrading Your IT System

Changing or upgrading your IT system can be tricky and fraught with dangers. If done incorrectly, the change could have affect the departments of your company and your clients’ personal information could be at risk from hackers. But […]

CMS July 2017

WordPress 4.8

What to Expect from WordPress 4.8 Expectations are everything, and with the new WordPress 4.8 “Evans” coming out in a week’s time, the new properties and features need to be explained in detail to give developers an informed […]

Advertisement July 2017

WP Engine’s 4th July Offer

WP Engine Offer On the 4th of July, as part of their Independence Day promotion, WordPress Engine is offering 4 months free service on any annual shared plan, available until Saturday 8th July. This offer is available for […]

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