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The value of wireframes when planning a project

October 14 2019

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The value of wireframes when planning a project So you have chosen the expert developers at Wirebox to build your new website or database – good choice!  What happens next? Well, for a website, we start by planning out the layout and content of the website in order to bring the concept to life.  If […]

How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience.

July 18 2019

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How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience Heat maps are increasing in popularity and they are a great way to look at data and easily identify trends. They also help you to understand what you need to do next. So what is a heat map? A heat map is a […]


October 24 2017

Wireframe of generic website
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What Are Wireframes? A wireframe is a webpage blueprint or schematic, which visually represents the underlying structure of the site. The goal of a wireframe is to make clear the basic functions of the page, the information displayed and the various scenarios based on what the page allows users to do. Why Use Wireframes? Wireframes […]

How AI is Changing Web Development

October 9 2017

Circuit board and brain diagram
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What is AI? Artificial Intelligence used to be a theme for science fiction. However AI is real and has become a major part of society. From automated checkouts and call centers to self-driving cars and robot doctors. Machines have come a long way from doing the rote industrial labour of factory workers and horse-drawn carriages. […]

Best Practices for Landing Pages

August 21 2017

Vector graphic of desktop monitor showing blog page
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Landing pages are the first page that someone visiting your site will see. It gives them insight into what the website is about, what their user experience will be like and the goals they will be able to achieve by using the site. First impressions make a big impact, and a bad one is difficult […]