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Why you need to update your version of WordPress

February 24 2020

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Why choose WordPress? Did you know that over 32% of all websites currently run on WordPress? That amounts to over 75 million websites!  It is not hard to see why WordPress is the most popular choice for building a website – it is free, extremely versatile and the huge number of themes available make it […]

Top 10 ways to improve website speed

November 12 2019

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Our top 10 tips on improving website loading speeds to help boost your rankings in search. If you’re struggling with your site speed, let us know!

The value of wireframes when planning a project

October 14 2019

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The value of wireframes when planning a project So you have chosen the expert developers at Wirebox to build your new website or database – good choice!  What happens next? Well, for a website, we start by planning out the layout and content of the website in order to bring the concept to life.  If […]

Which eCommerce platform is best for your business?

June 4 2019

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When launching an eCommerce business it’s vital you get the technology right, so we have reviewed the top 3 eCommerce solutions on the market to help you decide which is the best option for your business. Magento Magento is the world’s most powerful eCommerce platform on the market, it helps power a range of organisations […]

Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento

February 19 2019

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Benefits of Integrating WordPress and Magento WordPress is the go to platform and it the most popular choice for bloggers and small businesses.  It allows you, via open source software to create websites and blogs. Magento is the go to platform for everything eCommerce. Again built in open source.  It’s technology provides online merchants with […]

WP Engine Agency Partner Announcement

February 1 2018

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WP Engine Agency Partner Announcement Great news! Wirebox have become agency partners with WordPress Engine. This means that we have access to tools and resources to enable us to compete on the digital market, grow and develop as a company, and enable us to work more effectively and innovatively with our clients and partners. WP […]

Considerations for Getting a Custom WordPress Theme

December 28 2017

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Getting a WordPress theme is a bit like getting a suit. You can buy one “off-the-rack”, that’s pre-made and it may not fit perfectly or be in exactly the colour you want, but if you’re willing to put up with those things then it will be less expensive and broadly functional. On the other hand, […]

Benefits of WP Engine

December 7 2017

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WP Engine is the most popular platform for hosting WordPress websites. Created and maintained in Austin, Texas, the platform is used by 30,000 clients in 120 countries around the world. The platform can be purchased at various rates depending on your particular user needs, ranging from personal to professional to business. There are many reasons […]