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How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience.

July 18 2019

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How a heat map will help you to understand your user experience Heat maps are increasing in popularity and they are a great way to look at data and easily identify trends. They also help you to understand what you need to do next. So what is a heat map? A heat map is a […]

Show Me The Links!

April 23 2018

Rusty chain links
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Auditing and Building Links Links are what stitch the World Wide Web together. When we browse, we can often do so without thinking about how useful these links are, and how important the quality of those links is to users getting to the sites they’re searching for. Links also serve the purposes of websites wanting […]

Pay Per Click & Google Adwords

January 17 2018

Pay Per Click
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What is Pay-Per-Click? The internet is full of free content. How does it get paid for? The simple answer is advertising. You get access to a practically endless library, with more information on any topic than you can get through in a lifetime, and the only price of admission is to see or watch ads. […]

Hubspot Integration

December 22 2017

HubSpot logo
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Hubspot is a software solution for inbound marketing, which draws customers to a product through content, social media and SEO. It blends customer relationship management to analyse customer interactions and data, and marketing automation for emails, social media and website actions. The software can be integrated with other digital business systems including other CRMs, ERP’s, […]

What your SEO Agency should be doing for your business

December 12 2017

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What a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency should be doing for your business Selecting an agency to provide SEO services can be a minefield, there are many agencies that will promise great results, however quick wins can actually provide more damaging returns in the long term. Ethical search engine optimisation can be process driven, but […]

Video SEO

March 3 2017

Two children watching something on a MacBook
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If your 2017 online marketing strategy doesn’t have video as a major component, it’s time for a rethink. Video consumption on Youtube by younger, engaged viewers has exploded. Youtube now has a prime time audience among 18-49 year olds that’s bigger than the top 10 TV shows combined. Furthermore, young people are more passionate about […]

The Guardian’s Journey to HTTPS

February 24 2017

Google start page on browser
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The Guardian recently started using HTTPS in their web address, a protocol for secure communication over a computer network. Their stated reasons for the change were privacy and security, improving the site’s SEO, protection of their content and journalistic integrity, the integration of new features and securing of revenue flow. HTTPS works by adding a […]

Intelligence driven keyword research

January 6 2017

SEM Scrabble tiles
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Classical keyword research, finding out how many times a keyword is used to get to your site in a given timeframe, is not particularly relevant to marketing for online businesses. Sure, it tells you what people type to get to your site, but it doesn’t necessarily tell you why, or what products they’re actually looking […]

SEO 2017

November 25 2016

SEO strategy
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What’s important for basic SEO strategies in 2017 We pride ourselves on constantly keeping ourselves at the forefront of the digital industry. This is no easy task and requires a constant effort to learn new strategies and even predict what is going to happen next. One of the ways we achieve this is by dedicating […]

Google to divide its index, within months!

November 18 2016

Google website on tablet
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(How this is one of the biggest opportunities for businesses in recent years) Here is what you need to know Currently, Google has a single index of documents which serves both Mobile and Desktop results pages. However, Google’s Gary Illyes recently announced they will be releasing a separate mobile search index, which will become the […]