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BrowsersFebruary 2021

5 Website Checks Before You Go Live

Launching your own website is an exciting experience. Whether you are promoting a new business, service, or product, your website can have a big influence on your success. It’s important that you run your site through a website […]

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HTTPSFebruary 2021

The Importance of Website Maintenance and Support

Owning a website is just like owning a house or a car – it needs regular attention and maintenance. Depending on the size of your business, your website may need monthly, weekly, or even daily maintenance. If you […]

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DatabaseNovember 2020

Bespoke vs Off-the-shelf vs Hybrid database

Choosing a database system that ticks all the boxes for your business now and in the future can be a daunting task with many factors to take into considerations.  Download our guide to choosing the right database for […]

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DatabaseNovember 2020

6 ways a database will make your business more money

Databases are essential tools used in day to day business operations.  Selecting one is an important step for any business.  In this article, we will explain 6 ways a database will make your business more money. We look […]

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HTTPSSeptember 2020

Why You Need HTTPS

What is HTTPS?   You may be wondering if your website really needs HTTPS (Hyptertext Transfer Protocol Secure).   Unfortunately, data breaches are now everyday news.  Internet users are more concerned about their online security and privacy.  Having that […]

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BrowsersSeptember 2020

Why we use Cloudflare

What is Cloudflare? Cloudflare is essentially a Content Delivery Network (CDN).  The core function of Cloudflare is to help small to large businesses secure their online assets and make them faster.  It was set up in 2009 with […]

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SEOSeptember 2020

Top 10 ways to improve website speed

Top 10 ways to improve website speed We all know by now that speed matters. Google’s PageRank algorithm takes into account web page loading times. It’s crucial that your website speed is optimised to ensure it’s not slipping […]

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SEOSeptember 2020

Why you need to update your version of WordPress

Why choose WordPress? Did you know that over 32% of all websites currently run on WordPress? That amounts to over 75 million websites!  It’s not hard to see why WordPress is the most popular choice for building a […]

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DevelopmentJune 2020

Custom web development projects during lock-down

Web Development Projects During Lock-Down While our office doors remain closed, our developers have remained busy providing our custom web development services.  Tucked away in their home offices, our teams have still been supporting businesses that have had […]

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Application securityDecember 2019

Cloudflare Winter Event 2019

Cloudflare Winter Event 2019 The Wirebox team were recently invited to Cloudflare’s London Winter Event. The event took place at their beautiful London offices, located next to Waterloo station in the Riverside Building County Hall.  A selection of […]

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