amazon web services_

Amazon Web Services is a subsidiary to Amazon, delivering full suite cloud computing services for on-demand computing platforms. Cloud computing uses a network of separate servers connected through the internet to store and process data, rather than using the local server from a personal computer.

The benefit of cloud computing is that it provides stronger and more reliable on-demand access to digital resources which do not have to be centrally managed from one server. This means that both users and online companies can use cloud computing to store sensitive data securely and on a large scale. If one server goes down, the cloud can draw upon other servers to maintain super-fast adjustment to fluctuating business and market demands.

AWS operates in 16 regions across the world, and provides more than 70 services which you need to analyse and store data, network, provide applications, manage and develop the tools for your online business, including tools for utilising the internet of things. Launched only eleven years ago, it has become one of the most respected, used and appreciated tools for businesses to deliver world-class services to a world audience.

An intrinsic part of AWS’ toolkit includes Amazon Route 53, which provides a scalable and accessible Domain Name System (DNS). The purpose of a DNS is to provide a naming hierarchy for all computers and resources connected by the internet or a private network. This includes translating domain names into numerical IP addresses in order to locate and identify compatible computer devices. Route 53 allows customers to create “hosted zones” containing up to four name servers, and can route users to non-AWS servers. DNS is like the backbone of the internet, and Route 53 gives this backbone greater flexibility and extends its reach.

How difficult is it for a business to migrate to Route 53 from an already existing domain? It’s actually pretty easy. You just use Route 53 to create a hosted zone for your domain, then add the resource record sets from your current DNS configuration to your hosted zone. The AWS website provides clear steps of how to complete this procedure. It’s an incredibly simple and effective way to manage services in so as to provide reliable results for users and customers across the world. Any online business hoping to reach out to a worldwide internet audience needs cloud computing as a part of its strategy.