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August 2018

Squarespace Circle

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New Deal: Squarespace Circle

Circle is a community for people who are serious about Squarespace. It gives those who have built or contributed to 3 or more active Squarespace sites access to exclusive deals and content, extended trial periods, specialised customer care and a peer-to-peer community of experts.


Get 20% off your first year of Website and Online Store annual plans. When you pay through an annual plan, you can pay 20% less if you’re a Circle member. That’s more money to spend on your services, to attract clients and grow your business.

For every new website you start once you’re a member, you’ll get a 6 month trial period. This extended period of time will allow you to fine tune your site, and investigate and make use of the tools on Squarespace, iron out any kinks and make any required changes. Make sure that your website stands above the competition by putting as much time into it as you need to.

Members get access to product release notes, advanced guides and other exclusive content to boost their skills and give them the best chance to succeed in creating a world-class site.

To give members as much support as possible, they will receive ‘Optimized Customer Care’, so Customer Care Advisors recognise experienced users and can answer any questions with in-depth knowledge, quickly and efficiently. On top of that, there is peer-to-peer product support on a members-only forum where tips, advice and feedback can be exchanged.


What makes Circle membership worthwhile is that it gives experienced users the tools to grow, as well as fostering connections between users to allow mutual learning and sharing of experience.

For businesses, Squarespace gives you access to an ever-growing range of tools with new products and templates being created all the time, as well as a brand that your clients can trust. Using Circle means you have access to brand assets subject to requirements, and can mention to clients and in marketing that you are a member, to show people that you are serious about creating high quality websites.

Making Squarespace your preferred platform comes with all the benefits of Circle membership mentioned, and as Circle grows and attracts more people Squarespace will use feedback to improve user services. Joining is as easy: you just need permission on 3 or more active Squarespace site.


Wirebox are a Circle member, having extensive experience using Squarespace to build websites for clients. Because we benefit from Circle membership, our clients benefit from improved web services and the knowledge that we’re using a trusted platform.

By admin August 2018

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