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For the last 8 years WP Engine has been providing a platform for people and organisations to create outstanding websites and web services. Over this time, WPE has continued to grow and change, making improvements to the platform and offering solutions that help clients at all stages of development. That is why WP Engine are announcing the launch of the first WordPress Digital Experience Platform with a new set of plans offering increased flexibility, innovation and value.

The new platform is organised around four essential skill-sets which are needed to build great online experiences, including marketing campaign sites, ecommerce solutions and content hubs:

Creative Agility

The internet age necessitates high-quality, personalised and immediate content. How long it takes you to get from an idea to a product or service is one of the ways customers will decide whether they use your services or others. Immediacy is the baseline for attention to digital experiences in our digital world.

The Digital Experience Platform provides access to a global development network, with tools that are open-source and offer the ability to simply stage, test and deploy sites and services, with flexibility and speed. You can also manage your technology to make sure that your site and the tools you use are up to date. You will also have access to world-class 24/7 support, so you can meet any deadline at any time.

Enterprise Performance

Opening up your digital experience to an audience no matter the size, with fast loading and impeccable security, enhancing the performance of your sites in a way that is scalable, is the basis of enterprise performance.

Using WPE’s new platform provides you with world-class cloud partners, so that you can use the same architecture Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and others use. You will also benefit from redundancy features that will ensure your site loads when necessary. There is also an automatic site recovery service.

You can also enhance your site speed by making use of a fully-managed global Content Delivery Network and a proprietary caching system. Security is another important aspect of trust and brand loyalty. The platform includes managed WordPress patches and updates with threat-detection and blocking, as well as code reviews and security audits from a dedicated security engineering team.

Actionable Intelligence

Knowing your audience, and the metrics of performance can clear the path to success. The WPE performance intelligence suite allows delivery of higher ROI and better targeted marketing and customer relationship management.

Use analytics tools to get marketing insights and portray it in the most accessible and useful way with imaging software. Add to this development analysis to find out what’s affecting performance and speed on the level of coding. Go on to make engaging content for your target audience.

Ecosystem Integration

Using WordPress’ open framework and dynamic platform, you can fully integrate these tools into your martech stack. This gives you a complete digital solution for marketing and content. You can spend less time working on the systems and more time working on your product. Curated WordPress solutions allow you to find the best fit for your brand easily, with the help of expert support.

The three plans Startup, Growth and Scale replace Personal, Professional and Business on the new platform. All of the new plans include features that were exclusive, including the ability to purchase additional websites and add-on features, and free SSL certificates and access to the CDN.

If you’re already a WP Engine partner, your plan won’t be updated until your annual billing anniversary after September 1st, 2018. Upon renewal you get the first 2 months of the new plan free, whatever plan you’re on.

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