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Wirebox are experts in supporting or building Wagtail projects.

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    wagtail is a leading open source CMS._

    Google Rating 5 stars
    biz4Biz Awards 2023 winner
    Tens of thousands of organisations worldwide.

    Wagtail is built in Python, the fastest-growing major programming language and ‘the standard’ for data science and machine learning. It’s a natural platform for truly agile development. Wagtail is secure. Wagtail inherits Django’s strong approach to security.

    Support or setup Wagtail hosting best practices.

    Wagtail integration experts with payment gateways, ticketing platforms, email systems and open data sources.

    Headless Wagtail in the Jamstack architectural approach.

    what is wagtail_

    An open source CMS built by and for developers, Wagtail is focused on making content creation simple and intuitive. We have used Wagtail to build reliable and robust sites for clients.

    The benefit of Wagtail is that it gives users and creators the power to manage their own content, and can be adapted through apps and plugins to meet the needs of different companies, small or large, and in any sector.


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    wagtail support and maintenance_

    Wagtail like all software systems need to be updated with new security and functionality.
    Wagtail is very secure, inheriting Django’s approach to security.
    Wagtail will still need updates and Wirebox has dedicated support packages which update Wagtail, scan for any security issues and take care of your website.
    The UK support team is available on call to deal with any issues or queries you have on your Wagtail site.

    wagtail development_

    As experts in Wagtail, we can provide support for your web and business strategy, web development, training, migration of data, integration, launch and marketing using the platform. Wagtail can provide benefits to all aspects of your business, and we work with it regularly. We can attest to the usefulness of the system, as can our clients. So don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn what it can do for you.

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