BBB Recruitment is a London based Recruitment Agency, providing their services in the niche area of Media & Creative Industries.


Due to the success of the agency and the fast moving sector of Media and employment, the requirement was to provide information on opportunities and open positions on line and available for viewing 24/7.

Due to the nature of the sector, to be taken seriously the design and branding of the website had to reflect a leading Agency and promote confidence in using BBB Recruitment for clients.


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In partnership with Root – one of London’s leading independent creative agencies, Wirebox developed a Responsive Database driven website.

Behind the front end of the website is a Content Management System which allows internal staff at Root access to update the positions.

The open positions are viewed by role and have full search functionality to allow users to find the perfect opportunity, within one click. The roles are presented on line with an introduction; more information on the opportunity can be viewed by expanding the information available.

In addition, users are able to apply for roles which are then fed into the database with an accompanying CV.

To view the BBB Recruitment website, please follow this link:

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