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British Screen Forum is where the best informed and most influential people in the UK screen sectors convene to interrogate issues of importance and influence policy and the thinking around policy.

why wirebox?

Wirebox has a wealth of experience in the development of WordPress and bespoke custom plugins.

Wirebox has been supporting the https://www.bsac.uk.com/ for many years and they wanted to rebrand their current site to the British Screen Forum and add new member features.

The British Screen Forum selected Sherlock Studio to rebrand the company and redesign the website.

Wirebox were commissioned to develop the site using WordPress and build the members’ section as a custom WordPress plugin.

Wirebox’s experience in custom plugin development was one of the deciding factors, rather then use an off the shelf plugin that did not meet all the requirements.

our approach_

Designs were provided by Sherlock in Adobe XD, which allowed a number of features to simplify the development

  • Images can be grouped allowing export of the images you need, this helps in the speed of exporting the images you need in the coding.
  • Export images in different formats
  • Workflow of the designs can be viewed, saving time working out what the flow is.
the project included:
  • Creating a responsive Front End in Bootstrap 4
  • Integrating the Bootstrap code into WordPress
  • WordPress 5 uses the Gutenberg WordPress Editor which we used alongside ACF when creating this site, ACF is a WordPress plugin that increases options available and simplifies creating responsive and re-deployable blocks throughout the site.
  • Developing custom member functions, with features such as viewing protected reports and events.
  • Integrating website data to populate the BSF app using a REST API
  • Finally, testing the system with our QA team. Their task was to iron out any bugs, this was achieved through automated and manual testing. Pen testing software was also used to ensure that there weren’t any vulnerabilities in the code. This included using tools such as Browserstack to test the different browsers and mobile devices.

The BSF site was launched in Jan 2020, complete with the new rebrand from the BSAC.

our approach delivered:
  • New brand and redesigned website partnering with Sherlock Studio.
  • New members section with correct security rules.
  • REST API to feed data to the mobile app.
  • Full editable WordPress site with custom plugin
  • Hosted on WPEngine using latest speed features
  • Using CloudFlare

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