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who are the commonwealth?

Commonwealth organisations work within diverse activities across many disciplines. This could include Economic, Youth and Sustainable Development to Trade Open and Natural Resources or even assisting countries in negotiating trade deals and legal assistance to one of the 53 countries within the Commonwealth. There aren’t many hours in a day that their work isn’t discussed or even written about, both offline and online.

why wirebox?

The Media Relations team at the Commonwealth contacted Wirebox for assistance in understanding the impact their work was having – across the Internet and also across the World. The media relations team is a team of comms experts who assist in raising the profile of the Commonwealth – the team is so well managed that the tracking, management and reporting of the results was becoming a laborious task – not trusted – and taking many hours of administration each day.

The Commonwealth wanted to ensure that the team’s efforts were being tracked and reported on. The management team needed to ensure that all notices in the Press mentioning the Commonwealth were being addressed, with different elements recorded against different media officers.

Previously tracking the workload through MS Excel, it was becoming impossible to understand the different trends annually or even monthly. Understanding, the number of tickets which were “Open” or “Closed” became a manual task, again, taking hours each day. Assigning open tasks to team members had no methodology and with manual entry and limited restrictions, the data had become unreliable. Multiple variations of Country names within the Commonwealth didn’t allow accurate reporting and these countries also were not grouped by region for high level reporting. When “Tickets” raised within the spreadsheets were deleted, users were able to self assign new tickets and even change permissions.

our approach_

Wirebox needed to design a solution that would be user friendly, intuitive to the users of the system. It needed to be simple to use and engaging, to promote and encourage the system to be used at all times. The solution also had to integrate with a 3rd Party media tracking database, to allow the feed of data seamlessly into the system.

within 3 weeks wirebox:

  • Developed a Prototype (aka Wireframe) to allow the Commonwealth media team to visualise the system.
  • Designed user cases based on Press Officers using the system, with a clean graphical user interface and also for Admin / Management team.
  • Created a secure platform for different users based on cloud technology with hosting managed client side.

Wirebox developed a media tracking database for the Commonwealth. The database was developed using the framework Laravel and different users were able to manage different aspects of permissions, visibility and reporting of the data within. Information which was gathered via the internet and media outlets was automatically fed into the database, a feed which was taken nightly and different press offices were able to manage their workloads efficiently, with management able to oversee and report on.

The database used by the Commonwealth media team provides insights, reporting and saves the organisation roughly 30 hours per week in administration.

our approach delivered:
  • A cloud-hosted platform to assist the media relations team in providing insights and reports on their media relations
  • Automated processes to allow for easier workload management
  • Valuable reporting tools to allow the media relations team to report internally
  • Circa 30 hours per week in administration saved throughout the department


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