Support & Maintenance Journey with MagsDirect

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who are magsdirect_

MagsDirect is part of Frontline, the UK’s leading magazine sales, marketing and distribution company. Frontline is a dominant player with over 800 magazine brands representing over 60% of UK newsstand sales and 75% of the UK export market.

why wirebox_

Wirebox was recommended to take over the support and hosting of the MagsDirect website.

Wirebox has dedicated support teams to manage high traffic and availability sites and our experience and knowledge has earned us a good reputation in the industry.

Clients can be assured we will offer the best advice when they need their site to be hosted, supported and maintained.

our approach_

Wirebox initially took over management and conducted a review and recommendations phase.Once this was completed, Wirebox was able to implement its changes, which included

  • Version control to enable changes to the code in a managed way
  • Website monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Quick fixes to improve speed of the most visited pages

This gave the site a better foundation to conduct improvements from in the future, in line with the roadmap of the MagsDirect website.


Wirebox have been supporting MagsDirect over 2 years and in that period has implemented projects such as

  • Improved customer journey for checkout
  • Implementation of new payment merchants
  • Moving to faster hosting providers
  • New functionality improvements

The transition to faster hosting providers was a particularly in-depth project. Despite the site’s complexity and size, the site was working very well, as the previous development team was also excellent. They had a dedicated server and did all the correct optimisations and setup steps.

The site had to be moved, however, as the server which hosted the site was being decommissioned. WordPress and Woocommerce hosting has changed in the last 5 years and there are dedicated hosting solutions from different providers.

I wrote an in-depth article here about what wordpress hosting company to use. But, in summary, it depends on a few factors, site use, size and budget. For MagsDirect, it was felt were best placed due to the traffic peaks experienced and dedicated service team required.

Wirebox continues to support MagsDirect in the near future as a true partner for growth. Could you be our next success story?