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If you are looking for Odoo to become your business CRM system or to become a fully customisable ERP, contact Wirebox for more information.

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Chances are you’ve landed on this site as you’ve researched many different systems to manage your business, business processes and resources. In your search for a solution you’ve discovered the term “ERP”, a well known term within development which is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Just searching “ERP systems” in Google, the UK site returns nearly 4 million sites, the vast majority of these claiming to be the perfect ERP system for your business in one form or another.

Historically such systems have been provided by large corporate organisations, Microsoft have several offerings such as Dynamics, Oracle provide a suite of applications and even the accounting company Sage provide such solutions. These solutions have been very successful but can also be extremely costly with licensing costs and often per user licenses which can run into the tens of thousands of pounds.

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ERP Business Requirements

Each business will have different requirements for a system to manage their processes. An ERP system can not be classified as a typical solution and the chances that any specific ERP system will match your requirements “off the shelf” are often slim.  Customisation of a system to suit the business requirements is a necessity for most organisations – this element should be a key aspect when selecting an ERP system. Customising the aforementioned proprietary software can be challenging and only available through the specific providers, which in itself provides restrictions and spiralling costs.

Open Source providers of ERP systems are becoming more and more popular with businesses of all sizes.  The availability of the code to organisations has made the option commercially viable as the organisation can simply download the code and own the software outright – in many cases there is no additional costs such as licensing and with the correct knowledge and skill set can be customised. 

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Why Odoo

You’ve probably researched the many Open Source solutions available if you’ve landed on this site and you are aware of Odoo, formerly Open ERP.  Odoo comes with a variety of different modules as standard with an extensive list of additional modules which can be downloaded for free. The system is designed to assist managing your business through Sales processes, Business operations and tools to increase efficiency. All departments from the organisation can utilise the system including Accounts, HR, Purchasing and Manufacturing.  

But we think you probably knew this as you’ve searched for Odoo and found Wirebox – an agency that has vast experience in complex Odoo projects. A technical partner to implement the Odoo solution for your business, an organisation that is technical yet approachable, efficient and experienced in providing such projects. Welcome to Wirebox.  

We provide the full spectrum of Odoo related services including consultancy, development, support and training. Our development team are experts in not only the code that the core of Odoo is developed in, Python, but we understand Odoo and how it can work for your business.

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Why Wirebox

Our experience is working on mid to large projects with differing, bespoke and often complex requirements. As with these types of projects we provide consultancy and analysis at the start of every project delivering a comprehensive list of requirements and a GAP analysis from Odoo as a solution. We provide assistance on a technical architecture and functional specification with risk analysis.

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