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Icon Solutions are a FINTECH, delivering payment and technology solutions to leading financial institutions across the globe – institutions such as BNP Paribas, Lloyds Banking Group, Nationwide and HSBC. Icon Solutions expertise that creates competitive edge, complexity simplified.

why Wirebox?

Icon Solutions had researched the possible options to provide them with a Business System which would streamline their business processes. Icon were the victim of their own success, growing 20% year on year they were taking on many new clients, this coupled with more demand from their existing client base, administering the different Projects and requirements was becoming a full time job in itself.

The due diligence from Icon Solutions led them to an Open Source solution called Odoo (formerly Open ERP). Odoo is an Open Source ERP and CRM system, a system in which Wirebox have vast experience in customising and developing.

our approach_

In building a system that is going to manage critical aspects of a business, the most important aspect of such a Project is understanding all elements that will be required to be managed. This scoping phase of the Project documented all of the requirements, the different elements of the business that would be touched upon and also the different departments and how they would interact.

This initial scoping phase determined that the benefits of Odoo were vast, the total scope included elements, including but not limited to:

Timesheet tracking
Annual Leave
Tracking new starters / leavers
CRM, Sales & Contract Management
Whilst understanding all areas of the business, the planning of our approach was crucial and the Project was initially broken down into 6 phases. The initial phase was to be around Timesheet tracking which would provide the greatest value, and was agreed to be Phase 1, with a minimal viable product (MVP) approach.

the project included:
  • Initial Scoping Workshop of system for Sign off
  • GAP analysis from “Vanilla” Odoo to Icon Requirements
  • Architectural Customisation, Design and Process flows.
  • Core Development phase, with provided breakdown of proposed tasks as an MVP.
  • GAP analysis from “Vanilla” Odoo to Icon Requirements
  • Architectural customisation, Design and Process flows.
  • Internal testing
  • UAT and User testing
  • Sign off

Icon Solutions are managing the core elements of their business using Odoo Open Source software, customised and developed upon by Wirebox. Wirebox have been working in partnership with Icon Solutions since 2015 and continue to do so today.

our approach delivered:
  • Solution to track time against all Projects, Clients and Contracts
  • Full 360 solution from enabling the correct tracking, invoicing and Reporting on all.
  • CRM system to allow Icon users to manage clients
  • HR element to manage staff and holiday entitlement

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