We are finding that more small and medium sized businesses are depending on technology and software to not only run their business but look to it as an investment to save time, money, resources and even grow their business. We take a closer look at some of the frameworks and software that we use regularly to assist our clients with enhancing or even replacing their internal systems. With nearly 15 years expertise in the sector, we are always keen to develop unique and bespoke systems that really work for our clients. After all, all of our clients and their businesses are different – why should there be a one size fits all operating system?

Why Automate Your Business?

Automating just a handful of functions can have a huge time saving impact on a business of any size. However, the results could be felt even more so for a small or medium sized business that is growing. Having that extra time can be much better spent developing other areas of the business. You will improve the efficiency of your business, reduce human error and can even have happier employees. You can make difficult and time consuming tasks a breeze. But why stop there? Integrating and automating the technology side of the business can transform the business. It can mean huge cost savings and, allow for future adaptations and growth.

Odoo? We do…

odoo circle

We recently developed a new Open Source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM system; Odoo for a fast growing Fintech company ICON Solutions. They needed to streamline their business in order to increase efficiency while allowing for rapid growth. Their requirements included being able to manage tasks such as HR processes – timesheets, annual leave, financial processes such as expenses and invoicing and a CRM area. By fully customising and integrating Odoo software we were able to deliver all of these elements. The results for ICON were huge. They are able to effectively manage everything themselves on a daily basis with the continued support of Wirebox.

What Is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is a widely used PHP web application framework that allows for custom software development. Network 14 offer an innovative and ethical recruitment option that cuts out recruitment agency fees. They enlisted our expertise on bespoke database development and recruitment sector insights. After a detailed consultation and planning stage we used Laravel to develop a customised, intuitive portal and website that brought together recruiters and candidates directly through sponsorship and charitable donations. A brilliant alternative to the recruitment industry, Network 14 was delighted with the result and we were thrilled to have supported their vision.

Recent Case Studies – Automation
Bulgin Technologies

A Global Connectivity Consultancy that manufacturers environmentally sealed connectors and components. They sell their products through a global network of distributors and their site is visited from users in over 230 countries a month.

The organisation has thousands of products all of which are well documented with technical drawings, 3D models and 2D drawings. These are provided by Traceparts and all of the data is stored on an online database. This data changes frequently with additional products and advancement in technology – maintaining two databases was not an option, either practically or from a cost perspective. We developed an automation for all the technical drawings and data to be fed through an API directly to the Bulgin site as and when requested by users.

Whilst their website gains the traffic a great deal of their marketing is through strong content, published on a marketing and automation content platform. All of this content is integrated into their global website, seamless to users of the website – but saving the Bulgin marketing team hours of effort for each publication.

Users of the website engage with the content and can then request further information. All such requests are made via the website and then the automation feeds the vetted enquiry back through to the automation software. Bulgin have seen a 25% increase of organic traffic to their website since it went live.

The Commonwealth

Commonwealth organisations work within diverse activities across many disciplines including economic, youth and sustainable development to trade and natural resources. A day doesn’t go by without an organisation of The Commonwealth being mentioned in the press either online, printed press or on air. Kantar are a research, data and insight consultancy who provides a service of collating the notifications of The Commonwealth in the press. This information is stored for the PR team at The Commonwealth to review.

The Commonwealth required more detailed insights on the data and press releases and the ability to track and manage these notifications. In addition, they needed to understand who within The Commonwealth were responsible for feeding back and responding, where required.

Wirebox developed a media tracking database in the PHP framework Laravel. It allowed The Commonwealth to:

  • Assign “tickets” or “notifications” to different members of the PR team
  • Review and report on all data by territory, country and type of press release.
  • Review tickets by “Open” and “Closed”, how the press was responded to and by whom
  • Escalations within the database was automated – any raised tickets over 7 days were automatically escalated.

The automation of pulling the Kantar data into The Commonwealth database saved the organisation 40 hours of work per week and allowed the organisation to understand how they were perceived and reported on in the press.

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If you think it is time to automate your business and would like our help and advice on how to use technology to execute recurring tasks or processes in your business to minimise your costs, streamline your processes and create greater efficiency, just give us a call on 0203 6379 285.