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Android Development

Wirebox are the Android Development experts.

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Developing and supporting on all Android Platforms using native and hybrid development in Java and hybrid programming languages.

We will work with you to help develop the app from prototyping to delivery through our process.


We pride ourselves on our development and develop Android natively to ensure the best experience.

A Native app is software built for a specific task on an environment or platform.

For Android it is Java.

The advantage of native is the user experience and speed compared to a hybrid app. The latest features will be released first.

Depending on the type of app we would recommend the best development method to meet your requirements.


A hybrid app is developed using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

A hybrid app allows a single code base for all platforms and able to run on different platforms. Whereas a native app requires different code bases.

Hybrids can work on web browsers or a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Depending on your requirements a hybrid app could meet your goals for an app.

App Support & Maintenance

Our experience of development systems and apps gives us a good foundation to support, maintain and develop pre-existing apps.

We maintain and host a lot of different apps and their backend systems which were developed by other developers.

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