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ALICE (Automatic Login for Clients and Enquiries)
App Development

Perfect Balance is a pain relief clinic with several branches across London, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

They provide osteotherapy and physiotherapy as well as a range of evidence-based, therapeutic practices.

As a modern, high-skilled and convenient service provider, the clinic requires both top-of-the-range technology and excellent customer service.

Why Wirebox?

As a modern, high-skilled and convenient service provider, the clinic requires both top-of-the-range technology and excellent customer service.

Perfect Balance requested an app that would allow clients to book appointments, check in and make enquiries. This app, accessible from an iPad in the reception, needed to be easy to use, intuitive, fail-safe and effective in taking users to the next step in their appointment.

Wirebox have worked with Perfect Balance for over 5 years and our experience of developing apps and APIs made Wirebox an ideal choice.

Our Approach

Wirebox designed ALICE (Automatic Login for Clients and Enquiries). The system gives users 3 options, allowing them to check-in, book an appointment, or make an enquiry. Booking an appointment or making an enquiry involves filling in a form with your details and in the case of an enquiry the message, which is then submitted to the main receptionist, who oversees the branches in multiple locations. In the case of checking in, you find your appointment which is recorded in the database and then your practitioner is emailed to notify them of your arrival.

There are several benefits of this system for Perfect Balance. It means that only one receptionist is required for the numerous branches, who can run these different receptions centrally, saving on time and resources. It also means that users can interact with a simple and accessible app which puts them in control. The app is formatted to be functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, with clear and intuitive graphics. The iPads in the receptions are constantly on ‘kiosk mode’ so that only the app can be used.

The Project Included:

  • Wireframing the app screens.
  • Developing a prototype
  • Developed API to manage the data from the app
  • Development of app screens
  • Integration API calls in to app
  • Testing on various iOS ipad devices.


Wirebox’s ALICE app has been used by the clinic with successful results, being used by clients to enquire about, book and confirm appointments.

It has allowed the clinic to do more with less, without diminishing their customer-oriented ethos.

The system can be built upon, and there are plans to allow payments for services via the app.

Our Approach Delivered:

  • Clients can check in quickly.
  • Clinics did not require receptionists at all times.
  • Ability to book appointments on the app.
  • Staff can check in to the app to notify head office.

We are very happy with the service received from Andrew and his team – they are responsive, professional and very friendly / helpful.   Thanks guys!

Julie Caris

Perfect Balance Operations Manager

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