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customised database management: run your business more effectively_

Emerging tech trends for 2022 address the need for increased data transparency and management. Every month Wirebox explores key trends to help you run your business more effectively and help you stand out in 2022 and beyond.

customised database development: unlock value from your data


Database management collects, organises, and stores massive quantities of unstructured data, to achieve scalability, speed, reliability, security, and accessibility. ​​The explosion in data gathering through Big Data technology, cloud data storage, and increased data captures means more organisations need to understand what their data can do for them. More businesses are migrating from off-the-shelf or hybrid data management systems to fully bespoke data development to better suit their business needs.

customised database development benefits


  • Make sense of complex data quickly
  • Cost-effective long-term
  • Add new features easily
  • Excellent security
  • Improved productivity
  • Scalable solution
  • Improved user experience and customer service
  • Smart analytics – predict better
Database development customised to meet your business objectives


The changing digital landscape for SMEs means that they are relying more heavily on data automation to influence users’ decision making. Bespoke data development can be used to manage tens of thousands of data using aggregates, formats, and filters to find patterns and trends in consumers behaviour. Automated data insights can be used to create well-designed products and offers that delight customers.

Leverage data to optimise customer interaction

Marketers can enhance customer communications and improve the end-user experience by targeting customers based on specific data. By adding e-commerce features to your bespoke database, such as SEO, you can quickly increase organic traffic to your site and thus, increase your revenue.

The ease of migrating to a fully customised database

Many SMEs have benefited from migrating from Excel to a customised data solution quickly with minimal disruption. It is fundamental to appoint a data development specialist adept at extracting and migrating data from an old data system to a new one. During the migration process, a developer can assist and support businesses by customising a new database to fit your updated business goals and strategy and integrating any applications your company already uses.

Supporting innovation

Start-ups grow quickly, aiming to gain as much market share as they can in a short time. Off-the-shelf software solutions can hinder an organisation’s development because they can’t adapt quickly enough to support innovation. Companies that invest in customised data development from their inception have powerful tools at their disposal to maximise opportunities.