benefits of integrating wordpress and magento_

WordPress is the go to platform and it the most popular choice for bloggers and small businesses. It allows you, via open source software to create websites and blogs. Magento is the go to platform for everything eCommerce. Again built in open source. It’s technology provides online merchants with a flexible shopping cart system. Magento allows you to control the look, functionality and content of your online store.

So why integrate the two platforms?

Integrating these two platforms will improve your overall customer experience, creating fluidity across your website. It will also allow:

  • Themes to be integrated across the full customer journey.
  • The break down of barriers to order completion by making it easier for the customer to navigate.
  • Better SEO across ecommerce products.
  • More effective sales and promotion of your products with better communication to your customers.
  • Share features and components from either platform including navigation menus, static blocks, and cart data.
  • Single login options that avoid barriers to order completion and increase user experience.

How To Integrate Both WordPress And Magento

There are a number of solutions available that can be used to integrate the two platforms. Two of these plugins that allow for an easy and somewhat stress free solution’s are:

1. Magento WordPress Integration (MWI) by James Kemp (Source:

This is a free plugin and it enables you to integrate themes across your website. It allows you to add any default or static blocks from Magento to your WordPress theme. However, the plugin only works if both your WordPress and Magento websites are hosted on the same server. They don’t have to be on the same domain. You can also purchase add ons such as category listings and shortcodes for a small fee. These will give you the option to further transform your website by altering columns, colours and design options.

2. Magento WordPress Integration by Fishpig (Source:

It is easy to download the FREE plugin without making any big changes to any files. Simply by using Magento Connect. One really handy feature is the one click access to both backends. Which is really useful if you need to switch between the two.

The Fishpig plugin enables you to use your theme seamlessly across both platforms. It offers smart programming should you need to link up WordPress posts with Magento products. So you can create menu’s in WordPress before adding them to the Magento topmenu.

Fishpig also offers many other add ons at a cost that will improve performance and user experience.

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