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Developing and supporting on all Apple Platforms using native and hybrid development in Objective-C, Swift and hybrid programming languages. We will work with you to help develop the app from prototyping to delivery through our process.

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    We pride ourselves on our development and develop iOS natively to ensure the best experience. A Native app is software built for a specific task on an environment or platform. For iOS the iOS SDK is Swift or Objective C.

    The advantage of native is the user experience and speed compared to a hybrid app. The latest features will be released first. Depending on the type of app we would recommend the best development method to meet your requirements.




    A hybrid app is developed using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. A hybrid app allows a single code base for all platforms and able to run on different platforms. Whereas a native app requires different code bases. Hybrids can work on web browsers or a Progressive Web App(PWA). Depending on your requirements a hybrid app could meet your goals for an app.

    Apps support & maintenance_

    Our experience of development systems and apps gives us a good foundation to support, maintain and develop pre-existing apps.

    We maintain and host a lot of different apps and their backend systems which were developed by other developers.

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    Mobile UX/UI design

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    Apple iOS

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    Talk to us about how apps can transform your organisation. We’ll help you design, build and deliver something incredible.

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    If you’d like help with your digital marketing and our work on this project has inspired you, why not get in touch with us to discuss your plans:


    we are passionate about our clients, they are the reason we get up in the morning and we know that without our clients we wouldn’t be where we are today_

    our clients

    We’ve worked with Wirebox for a number of years and they’ve always been great – helpful, responsive, technically excellent and easy to work with. The latest iteration of our website with them has received very positive feedback from across the board. They are a great team – highly recommended.

    Suzanne Kyle

    I can’t praise wirebox enough. from my first day with them they have been nothing short of amazing, always eager to help, quick delivery and an incredibly helpful, friendly and willing team. Cannot recommend enough.

    Ross J

    I have worked with Wirebox for a number of years and their support has always been 100% professional and good value. They are responsive and also quick to answer any queries. They also talk in a language that I understand. Having worked with a number of their team I would not hesitate to recommend them. They are honest, reliable, ethical and a pleasure to work with.

    Kayli Gore