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Our knowledge and experience in WordPress development spans many different disciplines and sectors, from small or medium businesses looking for a content management system to large scale corporate organisations. Our own website, which you are currently viewing, was developed using this technology.

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WordPress is an Open Source software solution allowing users to create and manage their content. An Open Source platform which has been developed by hundreds of community volunteers with thousands of plugins available to adapt the system.

Designed to provide access to bloggers, the community of WordPress is advanced; there are help forums and guidance sites throughout the Internet, all offering advice on your WordPress development. WordPress comes with its own built in Content Management System (CMS) so that the site owner can instantly access the back end and make changes.

WordPress Plugin Development

There are over 50,000 plugins available for WordPress and one of the big advances of the platform.

When you require a more bespoke plugin which is not available, Wirebox can develop this. We have developed hundreds of plugins for our clients, ranging from integration into a custom CRM to an ERP system.

WordPress Support & Maintenance

WordPress like all software systems need to be updated with new security and functionality.

Wirebox has dedicated support packages which update WordPress, scan for any security issues and take care of your website.

The UK support team is available on call to deal with any issues or queries you have on your WordPress site.

WordPress API Integrations

Wirebox have developed hundreds of integrations into APIs from Salesforce, Pardoc, Salesforce and many other systems.

APIs offer a two-way flow to capture and input data into other systems where it needed. This integration can save time and money.

WordPress Monitoring and Protection

With the noticeable increase in web hacking and data breaches, we have developed a unique monitoring and protection service

• A service that is for the first time, all in one package

• Powerful insights into your website’s performance, functionality and health

• Delivery of instant alerts when website issues arise, including any security breaches

• Fixes and solutions to your website issues

• Hassle free service – we alert you as soon as there’s an issue and fix it asap

• Easy to set up

• Direct reporting straight to your inbox when you need it

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