looking into wordpress speed testing?_

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A slow-loading website will drive visitors away, so nailing your website speed should be at the top of your priority list.

But on the flipside, a fast-loading website will engage and convert, which is the whole point in having a website, right? Achieving results. Also, Google penalises and de-ranks websites that are slow to boot. Not good. Avoid this at all costs…

The Goal?

Your website should load in two seconds or less. Here’s how we achieve that:




One of the most popular website speed testing tools out there.

Why? Because it’s quick and easy to use. After running your test(s), you’ll receive a score out of 100 points, listing the total number of requests made, your site load time, and more. Identify what’s slowing your site down (such as CSS, JavaScript, and so on).

Also, Pingdom stores historic test results, allowing you to track any improvements, or declines in speed.

The Price? Pingdom is free, however, there are premium plans starting at $10 per month.

Google Pagespeed Insights

page speed

Google Pagespeed Insights takes into account the page speed when it comes to Google search ranking and display.

Like Pingdom, a Google Pagespeed Insights score ranges from 0 to 100 points.

As well as this, GPI will give you a report on each issue affecting your website speed, along with a detailed breakdown, with recommended steps – perfect for improving your SEO.

The Price? Like many other Google services, it’s free.



One of the most popular and powerful speed testing tools there is.

Why? Because it allows you to test your website speed – based on its geographical location, and what browser is being used.

The Price? It’s free, however, there is a premium option, for $10.67+ each month.

Site 24×7

Monitor up to five websites for free, receive “gone down” alerts, and network, server, and application monitoring. Sorted.

The Price?

If you’re monitoring five or less servers, it’s free. And if you’re monitoring five+ servers, there is a cost attached.


Loader.io: a free Cloud-based service to stress-test your websites, apps, and APIs.

View log management results in charts, graphs and general reports, and export them to spreadsheets.

The Price? It’s free, with premium accounts starting out at $99.95 a month.


The WordPress and WooCommerce testing service.

Test the maximum number of users your website can handle at any given time, and determine how many checkouts-per-second your store can handle on a normal day, as well as on busier retail days, such as Black Friday, etc.

The Price? The free plan includes five WordPress and WooCommerce tests a month.

Paid plans start at $25 per month, and include twenty WordPress and WooCommerce tests.