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Sitecore Development

Sitecore is a great platform to use for businesses with some talented developers to spare, who need top-of-the-range automated marketing software to deliver the solutions they need to make the most of user experience. In working with such developers who are certified in using Sitecore you can be confident of providing your online visitors with a truly unique experience. Or you can work with an agency such as Wirebox to deliver this for you.

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Sitecore is a customer experience management company that creates automated marketing software. Used to create commercial sites which influence repeat viewers to undertake particular actions based on their previous interaction with the site, Sitecore includes all the features a developer needs to marry UX with inbound marketing to increase both return site users and return on investment.

The technology at the centre of Sitecore is ‘contextual intelligence’, the feature of storing and using up-to-the-second information about click-through, page opening and buying behaviour from your site’s visitors. This information is analysed by the platform and automatically delivers action-precipitating cues in the form of tailored promotional includes. It also analyses the value of customer experiences, using the results of the promotional marketing to determine how successful it was.

Sitecore Development

Our core team have been working with Sitecore and other open source technologies from our conception.

Our experience has enabled us to build and develop large scale projects working with our design and marketing teams.

Sitecore Customisation

We have vast experience of extending Sitecore’s functionality to meet our clients’ requirements.

This includes adding address and phone number validation in lead generation forms from various data validators like Data8 and Mailgun.

Sitecore hosting

Our technical team can help develop scalable hosting for your site. We have experience on many hosting platforms including, AWS, Rackspace, Azure and UKFast.

Depending on your requirements we can match them to a platform and deployment process.

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