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Over half of the adults in the UK are aged over 45. However, there can be a perception that advertising doesn’t work for the older generation, but why would you ignore half of the population? With the right research and understanding of this market, their interests and buying habits, a well planned, digital marketing strategy can increase leads from the mature market. Moreover, these highly qualified leads will have a better conversion rate.

When considering the older generation, there are also different categories within the sector that may need to be targeted differently. The “baby boomers” for example are less likely to retire at 60. Most importantly, once their mortgage has been paid off, they have more income to spend on their lifestyle. As a result, the over 50’s account for a huge 76% of the UK wealth. In addition, they account for just under half of its consumer spending, making them an attractive market. Over two thirds of over 55 year olds own a smartphone and they have the highest number of new sign ups to Facebook. The over 75’s on the other hand are much less likely to surf the internet, or have a social media profile. They are very cautious about making a transaction or purchase online. Similarly, they would not even open an e-newsletter.

The so called “baby boomer” generation includes a market of over 23 million people currently aged between 55 and 75. As the population ages this market increases year on year. That is to say, it is a large and lucrative audience that has benefited from rising property prices and decent pension pots. They often have a generous disposable income, so they are definitely not a market to be ignored.

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Case Study

Over 55’s are particularly interested in the health and well being sector. They can have high engagements with advertising that is specific to them in a non stereotypical or patronising way. If your product or service is aimed at the older generation, but your current marketing strategy is not producing the desired results then take a look at our case study on Hidden Hearing. Hidden Hearing are the leading provider of hearing aids in the UK. We helped them achieve consistently between 4000-7000 leads per month. We did this by creating engaging adverts and placing them on the right platforms at the right times. In addition, we created landing pages to capture key details and minimise bogus leads. As a result, this led to an overall 35% increase in conversions for Hidden Hearing.

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