owning a website_

Owning a website is just like owning a house or a car – it needs regular attention and maintenance. Depending on the size of your business, your website may need monthly, weekly, or even daily maintenance. If you have not got a website maintenance and support plan in place, your business could be falling behind the competition.

Here is why website maintenance is important to your success:

1: Website Maintenance Increases Website Security

Many modern websites are based on an open source CMS such as Drupal or WordPress. Even though WordPress and other systems frequently release security patches, they are prone to hackers who try to exploit outdated software. A professional website maintenance service will ensure that your website is always kept secure and up to date. This will help you to focus on running your business instead of worrying about your website being hacked or broken.

2: Web Maintenance Enables Scheduled Backups

Whether it is needed for restorative or development purposes, there will be times when a backup is needed. Even with a standard backup solution in place, there is still a risk of your server being hacked and unwanted users gaining access to your website data.

3: Maintaining your Website Can Improve SEO

Are you aware of your website’s ranking on Google for your target keywords? Most website owners are not! Professional website maintenance can help you to get a step ahead of your competition by tracking and improving your SEO.

4: Website Maintenance Can Boost Your Brand Reputation

How would your customers see your brand if your website becomes slow or broken? Most likely as unstable, unprofessional, and weak. The result: Less business for you. Even one minute of downtime can result in exceptional profit losses.

Website maintenance plans can offer 24/7 website uptime, security, and performance monitoring to avoid such issues.

To Sum Up

A website is something that is never complete. Over the course of a year, there are a lot of things that regularly happen to your website that should be reviewed and looked at.

You probably invested a lot of money into your website; therefore, you should maintain that investment. From content to malware, to links that you need to get up to date, there are a host of things you need to get the most out of your website. Unless you have your own IT department including experienced coders and webmasters, it is crucial that you have a good website maintenance plan in place.

Put simply, website maintenance, much like car or house maintenance, is vital for keeping things safe and in good working order. With website problems affecting both your reputation and profit margins, the benefits of investing in a website maintenance plan almost always outweigh the costs.

We are here to help you with all your website maintenance and support needs. Contact our friendly team today here and we will help you to maximise the potential of your website and your business.