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Website support & maintenance

If you are a business operating with an online presence, your time will be best served managing and promoting your own business.
If your online presence is ever in need of updating, changes or security updates, a support and maintenance agreement through Wirebox can manage this for you.

Find out a better, safer and cheaper way to maintain and support your website

support and maintenance solutions

Monitoring and support

Our support and maintenance solutions can assist with updating content, hosting solutions and backing up the data through our different hosting solutions. We monitor our clients’ websites and are often alerted to issues through our monitoring software allowing us to correct them, in many instances before you are even made aware of the issue.

With the noticeable increase in web hacking and data breaches, we have developed a unique monitoring and protection service. You will benefit from:

All-in-one package

A service that is, for the first time, an all in one package.

Round-the-clock maintenance

Powerful insights into your website’s performance, functionality and health.

Instant notification delivery

Delivery of instant alerts when website issues arise, including any security breaches.

Problem solvers

Fixes and solutions to your website or application issues.

Hassle free service

We alert you as soon as there’s an issue and fix it ASAP.

Direct reports

Direct reporting straight to your inbox when you need it.

How we support our clients

Dedicated support team

We have a dedicated support team available on call and email. All requests are handled by the ticket support system DoneDone. Our monitoring services which run on our various platforms include AWS, WPEngine and ippatrol.

Maintenance of clients’ websites, databases and APIs.

All code needs to be maintained, with new security patches and functionality updates. CMS’s like WordPress constantly need updating and this important for protection of your systems and data.

Our processes allow us to be alerted of any updates or security patches that need to be applied.

Typical updates are:

  • Updates to programming languages such as Python, PHP, .NET
  • Updates to CMS’s like Wagtail, WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore.
  • Updates to plugins or modules for CMSs.

What is the cost and how do I start?

Costs depend on what a client requires. Typical packages start off with monthly hours. All hours are tracked and reported at the end of each month.

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What will you get?

  • Website and maintenance services are between 9 – 6pm GMT. 24/7 support is an optional extension.
  • Dedicated Support Ticketing System and email addresses.
  • Monitoring of services through our monitoring software.
  • Monthly reports of support usage, and notifications when support hours are used.
  • Experienced Specialists certified in specific development tools and applications.


Our Software and Maintenance expertise

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