we create value for our clients

EMW are a commercial law firm with a refreshing approach; they have offices in Gatwick, London and Milton Keynes. 

Formed in 1992, the firm is young and informal and have a strong commercial sense and pro-active manner transforming legal challenges into business solutions.

Their success is built entirely on the individuals that work within the firm.who are passionate about the service they offer to their clients.

why wirebox?_

Wirebox was recommended by EMW Law to help maintain and support their current website operations.

Support & Maintenance of sites has become an important part of Wirebox services. Developing its unique processes in making sure a site is kept up to date and monitored for uptime and security.

EMW being a well established law firm needed to make sure it could use a company with a reputation to be able to offer these services and why it chose Wirebox.

Wirebox has a rich history working with firms in the law industry and its experience and knowledge aid in any digital development requirement.

our approach_

When taking over the maintenance of an existing website Wirebox takes certain steps to ensure the site can be supported.

Audit of the site to see

    • Version of CMS and if needs updating
    • Infrastructure the CMS is hosted on.
    • Any security updates or patches needed
    • Backup solutions
    • Version control software
    • Deployment software
    • Domain and DNS access
    • Monitoring software

Once the information had been compiled, a plan was put in place to ensure the above points were implemented.

The plan was conducted over a timed period to ensure minimal distrumption to EMW and their digital marketing operations.

Immediate changes such a security updates were implemented straight aware, but moving DNS to cloudflare was planned later on. Moving DNS for any company needs to be done carefully as this effects vitle systems like emails and VPNs. If the DNS transfer did fail, businesses can be temporality unable to operate.

EMW was happy and pleased with the onboarding Wirebox provided and ongoing support provided.

Updates to the sites and systems were conducted with SLA and beyond.

Wirebox will continue to support EMW and their partners for the foreseeable future.