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If you are a business operating with an online presence, your time will be best served managing and promoting your own business.
Speed is crucial for website load time.  You need to get the information to your customers as quickly as possible.

Find out how we can speed up your website

Website speed is crucial for your user's experience.

Website Speed Optimisation

Increase in sales and leads

Better search engine ranking

Less hosting resources

Better conversions

Better user experience

Better Google adwords performance

Lower bounce rate

Faster loading times & stability

Better search engine rankings

How we support our clients

Dedicated UK team

We have a dedicated support team available on call and email. All requests are handled by the ticket support system DoneDone. Our monitoring services run across all of our platforms including AWS, WPEngine and Pingdom.


We will monitor the speed of your website

Maintenance of your websites, databases and APIs, help in security and speed.

All code needs to be maintained, with new security patches and functionality updates. CMS’s like WordPress constantly need updating and this is important for the protection of your systems and data.

Our processes allow us to be alerted of any updates or security patches that need to be applied.

Typical updates include:

  • Updates to programming languages such as Python, PHP, .NET
  • Updates to CMS’s such as Wagtail, WordPress, Drupal and Sitecore.
  • Updates to plugins or modules for CMS’s.

What is the cost and how do I start?

Costs depend on individual client requirements. Typical packages start off with monthly hours. All hours are tracked and reported at the end of each month.

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What will you get?

  • Monthly speed reviews we will ensure your website is always optimised for speed using Google approved independent testing sites
  • Real time monitoring we will take continuous snapshots of your site speed to address any issues as they happen
  • Site optimisation we will recommend the right tools to increase the speed of your site (let’s not reveal the tools)


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