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How to prepare for Google’s Page Experience update

Google has confirmed that it will soon be updating its algorithm to include a new ranking factor called Page Experience.  This is not something to be ignored!  Your website could slip down the Google rankings and lose valuable traffic if your site is not optimised for these changes.  We can help ensure your website is upgraded and ready for these updates with our new Website Health Check service.

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At Wirebox, we are on a mission to help online businesses create digital experiences that not only function properly, but that users love, because they are as friction less as possible.


We will ensure you don’t lose your Google rankings

Why you need our Website Health Check

Google’s new search engine factor “Page Experience” is going to determine where your site ranks.  If your website scores poorly on these factors you could lose up to 50% of website traffic.  Ranking well on Google search can make or break your business online. 75% of people searching on Google will never get beyond the first page of results.

You can read more about these updates here.

You can check how your website currently scores using the Page Speed Insights tool.

Our website health check will assess your site for these features and more:

  • Speed
  • User experience
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • HTTPS/ Website Security
  • Site stability

Our digital experts will outline exactly what you need to do to optimise your website to stay ahead of Google’s changes. You can then carry out these changes, or we can roadmap them for you at an additional cost.

What is the cost and how do I start?

Our new Website Health Check is available for just £179 + VAT.

Just contact us to get started and 48-hours* after sign up, you will know exactly what you need to do to ensure your site performs brilliantly throughout Google’s new rollout.

*48 hours over working days

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Contact us today for your Website Health Check.
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We are experts in optimising sites, as well as building them.  Our recent success with one of our long-term clients Mr. Clutch has resulted in a near-perfect 99/100 speed test score.  We increased their low score from 21/100 by optimising it for speed and creating a better overall user experience.  The Mr Clutch site is no basic website.  It has booking systems, payments, and branch finder look-ups so to secure such a high score is quite an achievement. Take a look at the score here!


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