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Penguin Cold Cap Therapy was created over twenty years ago by Frank Fronda, an engineer and businessman. He became aware of the devastating impact of hair loss caused by some medical treatments and set out to find an effective solution by researching the underlying cause of chemically-induced alopecia. His research led to the pioneering design of Penguin Cold Caps and Therapy.

why wirebox?

Penguin Cold Caps have been working with Wirebox for over 5 years.

We originally took over their website and ordering database and have been tasked with updates and amends.

The website and backend systems needed to be updated, and Penguin Cold Cap tendered the work to a several development agencies. Wirebox had the experience but we had to demonstrate we could deliver the project to take Penguin to the next level.

Wirebox demonstrated they could build a system which would offer features which would improve sales and improve the efficiency of the company. This included:

  • Multi-Language and Region so the websites could work for different areas.
  • Manage different costs for each country and State (US).
  • Rep management system to track all orders

The previous website took orders and stored them through MS Excel. This has its issue, as the orders had to be manually distributed to the reps around the world. There was a lot of administration work and the company operated long hours due to being worldwide.

our approach_

Wirebox needed to design a solution that would be user friendly, intuitive to the users of the front end and the backend users. It needed to be simple to use and engaging, to promote and encourage the system to be used at all times.

within 8 weeks wirebox:
  • Developed a new frontend website with Geo lookup
  • New order form with multi-currency based off location of user.
  • Backend system for Penguin admin to view orders
  • Backend system for Reps across the global to see enquiries and orders assigned to them
  • Rep location system to get the customer to the correct rep based off the users location
the outcomes_

Wirebox developed a database system using the Laravel framework and different users were able to manage different aspects of permissions, visibility and reporting of the data within.

  • The new process and system made the sales process more streamlined.
  • Penguin staff are able to view the status of orders and assign to the correct rep.
  • The system is able to assign orders to reps automatically based on region and zip codes.
  • Orders are able to be shipped with FedEx or DHL within the order form. Previously this was a manual task.
  • Order form process is tracked inside of Google Analytics.

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