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How Wirebox Built Foodelise’s Innovative Food-Ordering App

About Foodelise

Foodelise is a revolutionary new food-ordering app that’s been designed specifically for closed communities, such as hotel resorts and housing communities, etc.

The Foodelise platform enables customers to order meals from closed-community food outlets, where traditional food-ordering apps such as Deliveroo cannot.

Various screens within the Foodelise food ordering app

Why Foodelise Chose Wirebox

To date, Wirebox is proud to have developed apps for thousands of businesses.

And with such a high volume of orders to facilitate, Foodelise needed a system that could handle this activity in the correct order for these user types:

  1. Customers,
  2. Food outlets,
  3. Drivers,
  4. And admins.

A representation of the flow when ordering food and drink through Foodelise's mobile app

With many moving parts and thousands of orders they needed a system which could handle the requests in the correct order.

The Wirebox Approach

Wirebox designed a system that was user-friendly, intuitive, and simple to use, – integrated successfully with a 3rd Party bank merchant.

Visual flow of ordering food through the Foodelise app

The Result

Wirebox developed a system which included a backend system for admins, drivers and food outlets, with an app on the Apple Store for the customers to make the order.

Foodelise walked away with an AWS-hosted system for customers, food outlets, drivers, and admins, and an app on the Apple Store for ease-of-use.

Are you building a new platform or system? We’re proud to have developed apps for thousands of businesses, and Foodelise is just one of many.

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