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Hidden Hearing are hearing care service providers, offering consultation and supply, to aftercare and maintenance. They strive to provide the highest standard of care to each and every one of their customers.

why wirebox?

Hidden Hearing were marketing on traditional printed media for their products and services. This was working well, but with digital advertising platforms on the rise, and their competitors adopting this, Hidden Hearing had to start to adapt.

Generating new leads from digital was a priority for them. Leads can be bought from various lead generating companies which adopt standard strategies to obtain their leads.

These leads are bought by all companies in the industry which is very competitive.

To reach their target of leads, Hidden Hearing had to bring in their own leads, so a system had to be developed to do this.

our approach_

Wirebox developed new landing pages which were optimised to capture new enquiry leads for hearing aid test.

This was done through a combination of:

project included:
    • Advert Content – Articles with the correct headline. The adverts were positioned in a way so that potential customers were interested in the advert and wanted to click through.
    • Advertising Platforms – Adverts leading to the optimised landing pages were put on platforms such as Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo and Google Native. These native adverts which appeared inline with articles on various websites like MSN, Sky news and many more. From running the campaigns we were able to learn when the best times to show the adverts and this helped drive traffic.
    • Landing Pages – The landing pages such as http://www.comparehearingaids.org/news/ were built with best practices, but when monitoring the users using software like www.hotjar.com. We were able to see what users were doing on the test. We were able to setup A/B tests to improve users’ interactions and create more leads. Our approach was analytical based off stats and we could test using the software as well as Google Analytics.
    • Intelligent verification software – To ensure the leads were genuine, we implemented verification software for postcode, email and telephones. This ensured that the leads coming in had the correct details, which led to better conversion rates.

Wirebox’s work and testing of different strategies we were able to outperform the global lead generators at a lower cost per lead.

This enabled Hidden Hearing to generate their own leads and the rate was typically 35% better to convert than other affiliates.

Generating 4000 – 7000 leads per month

Leads increased orders and created more revenue.

The increase leads, helped Hidden Hearing achieve their goals on growth on the digital side. The lessons learnt from the landing pages, were introduced throughout the organisation and the process is still being refined.

As technology changes.

our approach delivered:
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Increase in overall Leads
  • Increase in Revenue

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