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Multi language Wordpress Development for Global Fleet Management company


Chevin Fleet Solutions is the leading global provider of dedicated Fleet Management Software, with their software being used in over 180 countries and thousands of businesses.

A business that is flexible and experienced, Chevin provide bespoke solutions depending on their client requirements and offer full support, on site training and customer service on hand.

The business was established in 1990 and they now have a presence in Australia, Africa, several offices in both the US and Europe but maintain their head office in the UK. As the business has been expanding they were looking for a web presence to reflect their success online and also provide the different territories around the world their own content.

For more information on Chevin Fleet Solutions, please follow this link Fleet Management Solutions

Why Wirebox?

Chevin Fleet required a new website, their previous site was out of date and built on an unsupported Content Management System. Their main requirements were an easy to use CMS, multi-language and region with SEO capabilities to increase rankings.

Wirebox have extensive experience in the development of websites specifically with multi region and language sites that need to rank well across different countries search engines.

This was one of their deciding factors for selecting us to build their new website.

Our Approach

Based on Chevin Fleet’s requirements, WordPress was selected as the CMS. 

It was identified that the flexibility and customisation of WordPress would give Chevin Fleet the requirements they needed and scalability for their growth.

The Project Included:

  • Ability for Chevin Fleet staff to update content for different languages
  • Lead forms would flow into a custom CRM
  • Scalable site, so if increase in users the site would be able to handle the load at peak hours.
  • Focused SEO capability


Chevin Fleet launched the site with all features and the SEO plan in place. They did not lose any traffic.

The setup of the site enabled all requirements to be met and the site to be indexed by different countries’ search engines.

Our Approach Delivered:

  • Multilingual site that changes the language based on location
  • Geo-location and user tracking for each country
  • Website designed for SEO with relevant meta, content and properly structured links and images (Alt attributes)
  • Integration into a bespoke Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Developed using WordPress for the Content Management System (CMS)
  • Hosted on fast servers for WP engine
  • Fully responsive and designed for any device, mobile or desktop.

Great service – great knowledge throughout the company, very quick response and always have the solution to our problems in a professional and timely manner

Chevin Fleet Marketing Manager

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