Our Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation is renewed again

We’re delighted to announce that our Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation is renewed again for another year. It’s important that, at Wirebox, we maintain our certifications and awards to uphold the high standards our clients expect from us. If you’re not familiar with the Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation and what it means, we’ve provided a bit more information on the credential and what it stands for below.

What is a Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation?

Cyber Essentials helps businesses secure themselves and their client’s data against the threat of cybercriminals. It provides a framework of best practices and assessment. The Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation is, according to BIP, “the highest level of certification offered under the Cyber Essentials scheme. It is a more rigorous test of [the] organisation’s cyber security systems where [external] cyber security experts carry out vulnerability tests to make sure that [the] organisation is protected against basic hacking and phishing attacks.”

Why does it matter?

Earning a Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation is important for our client’s peace of mind. We often handle their proprietary data. And, as such, it’s critical that our systems are backed by high levels of cybersecurity protection. What better way to ensure that they are protected than to undergo a real-life scenario where external agents try to break in? This lets us secure our client’s data against attacks and stay alert to new and emerging threats. By showcasing our renewed Cyber Essentials Plus badge, you’ll know that we:

  • Have taken best-practice steps to protect both our data and yours.
  • We meet a government-endorsed standard for cybersecurity.
  • We’re allowed to bid and win government contracts as we exceed the standard required. 

(At least the basic Cyber Essentials grade is required for the transfer or generation of Ministry of Defence Identifiable Information).

How do you earn it?

First, organisations need to apply for the basic Cyber Essentials level and complete the self-assessment questionnaire. Then, for the Plus level, auditors will conduct an on-site assessment in your company HQ to identify any vulnerabilities present in your infrastructure. Once risks are found, you’ll plug those holes and resubmit your application, if required. But, as a business, it’s a valuable process to go through to ensure our client’s data confidence. And we recommend it to our clients as well, if they are handling sensitive data themselves.

How do you keep it?

Maintaining the certification is just as rigorous as achieving it. Each year, you’ll go through the same process to renew your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation for another 12 months. It’s important to do this. Every year, new attackers and strategies emerge. So businesses can’t become complacent in their safeguarding. Regular checks ensure there are no easily-exploitable weaknesses.

If you think a Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation could be useful in your own organisation, let’s talk. We can help you deploy the latest technology and plug the gaps identified by assessments like CE. This can give your current and prospective customers more confidence in your operation and lead to enhanced retention & growth.

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