New website functionality delivers a 30% increase in bookings

It’s a tough market out there. And, understandably, businesses are looking to edge out their competitors in any way they can. For our clients with an ageing IT infrastructure, it’s easy to carve out market share with a new website. In fact, if you’re anything like Mr Clutch, you could find new website functionality delivers a 30% increase in bookings and brings process efficiencies that you’d never even expect.

What made them consider a new website?

Mr Clutch had an old website that used Active Server Pages (ASP) but it wasn’t performing. Sales were low and individual branches had to manage their own content. This slowed everything to a crawl and also didn’t account for the actual services each garage offered (which varied). Nor did their website perform well for tracking and advertising to visitors, so marketing spend ROI was murky at best.

The challenges of launching a new website

With the current infrastructure in ASP, there was a lot of innovation Mr Clutch could tap into but ASP plugins are not as common. So, to set them up for success in the future, we decided to develop new systems in the latest languages and utilise the Laravel framework. We love its clean deployment of code and amazing partner ecosystem.

Mr Clutch had a complex infrastructure with each branch on a point of sale (POS) system, and an overarching CRM, intranet and website to contend with. So, we applied our proven formula to ensure they met their ROI targets. We started with a knowledge-gathering session to make sure we knew their business inside and out. Then, we planned the project scope in tandem with the Mr Clutch team. Our roadmap covered 18 months of development which included:

  • Integration live bookings, requests and multiple 3rd party marketing platforms
  • New optimised booking forms for all services with Google Adwords API integration
  • A digital online diary to allow bookings based on real-time availability
  • E-commerce functionality to take payments through their website
What we did

We rolled out a new system architecture for Mr Clutch that included creating software deployment processes so they could release new features rapidly without affecting the live site. Allowing for all the necessary testing to happen beforehand. We also moved them away from paper forms and Excel; increasing the data insights their team could act on with a centralised system.

From the launch of the website, Mr Clutch saw a 30% increase in sales and conversions online. With better tracking, they can now see instantly how each branch is performing. In addition, time on site, bounce rate and the number of pages viewed per visit have all increased, with improved rankings on search terms, increased traffic and overall business.

Should you upgrade your website?

If you’re not even meeting industry standard conversion rates, your website is slow to load or is missing core functionality; then a new website makes sense. If new website functionality delivers a 30% increase in bookings, what would that mean for your organisation during this cost of living crisis? The big impact you need is likely way more achievable than you think. But you should find the right database development partner to help you realise your goals.


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