is excel good?_

Excel: it’s the most used database on the planet. It’s why you clicked onto this page, eh? But, is it the best database to use? We think not. Find out why here.

9 Hours A Week

The average Excel user spends up to 9 hours a week needlessly repeating work.

£8,740 A Year

On average, the cost of all unnecessary work on Excel amounts to £8,740 a year.

£48 Billion A Year

In total, that’s 2 billion hours of unnecessary work, and £48 billion spent on Excel, yearly.


code on laptop

But wait. There’s more:

A: Human Error

It’s easy for human errors to occur: Excel accepts whatever you want to type into a cell.

B: Spreadsheets = Unsafe

Spreadsheets are unsafe, because it’s hard to control who sees them, and who uses them.

C: Financial Errors

Businesses across the globe are getting their accounts wrong: Excel makes it possible.

D: Security Breaches

It’s easy to hack Excel, and to share spreadsheets with those who shouldn’t have access.

E: Speed

Spreadsheets can be slow. That’s more time and money wasted that you won’t get back.



The Solution?

Get a bespoke database. And here’s why you should:

I. They’re mobile friendly

II. There’s more layout choice

III. Access better information, faster

IV: No more multiple entry issues

V. Share information quickly, easily, and more effectively.

VI. Save money.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: Yes, purchasing a database will require an up-front investment, however, it won’t take long for you to make that money back. Overall, your business will end up more efficient, and more profitable in the long run. What’s not to love?

Anyway, we’re Wirebox, the database experts.

For more than a decade, we’ve been educating people like you on the pitfalls of Excel. And, we’ve been removing our clients from Excel, and moving them over to a database instead. Since launching, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses, ranging from Coca-Cola, to Mr Clutch, to Universal Studios, to NQ Solicitors, to Bulgin, to Sapphire Gymnastics, and more.

“We were very happy with the service received from Wirebox. They’re responsive, professional, friendly and helpful. Thanks guys!” said Julie Caris (Operations Manager at Perfect Balance).