What the Apple Vision Pro means for your business

What the Apple Vision Pro means for your business

In our last collaborative event, Picture This Part 1, a lot of the audience members expressed a desire to know more about innovative tech like AI. In Picture This Part 2, we discussed the experiences, knowledge and opportunities for tech like AI to transform businesses and this included a panel Q&A hosted by Interdirects, Nick Mann. As part of our ongoing commitment to educating on emerging technology, we want to share what the new Apple Vision Pro means for your business and where you can start to utilise this technology to delight your customers and retain staff. 

What is the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a mixed-reality VR and AR headset. It enables spatial computing. That’s a very Apple-centric term but they use it to mean the ability to blend digital content with the physical world like games, media, documents, communication apps and more. It’s clear how people are already using it in the consumer space. Videos on TikTok and YouTube show the use cases for home and entertainment where you can pin virtual to-do lists on your fridge, have home entertainment screens as big as your wall or type your latest tweet in the air on the train. It’s a premium product made of glass and metal that costs thousands of dollars US and sits in stark contrast to the cheaper Metaquest 3 headset. But with two powerful AR/VR headsets coming into the marketplace, should businesses take notice? 


Business use cases for the Apple Vision Pro

As a powerful piece of kit with a chunky price tag, the Apple Vision Pro is a competent device with a built-in fanatical fanbase and fairly impressive specs. Want to be first to market with support for this device? Here are some ways you could create experiences and leverage the Apple Vision Pro in your company.

Enhanced collaboration

The Apple Vision Pro can create an infinite canvas for your apps. Forget squinting at a screen or trying to manage apps across dual monitors. Everything can take up physical space within your location – as large as you like. That means that Zoom calls, whiteboards and document collabs are faster and clearer than ever before.

Immersive marketing & sales

Next, with the whole room as a theatre, you can create experiences that showcase your products and services. AR is more engaging and interactive than phones and TVs will allow. Spatial advertising is an emerging new discipline to keep an eye on. We expect to see AR games looking for corporate sponsors and live event hosting that could become as close to real life as the front row at a fashion show.

Innovative development

Remember when mobiles became ubiquitous and everything needed to be optimised for handheld devices? Well, AR and VR are the next frontier for design. Bespoke software development at a corporate level could include 3D shopping apps that use spatial photos and videos in more immersive ways than with previous technology. Overall, designing for visionOS could become the new standard. Device owners will look for ways to engage with their favourite brands through owned software and media.


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