‘Picture This – Part 2’ Thought Leadership Event

Picture This – Part 2

‘Picture This – Part 2’ was held at the Aiimi office in Milton Keynes on the 23rd of November 2023. 

It was an evening of thought-provoking conversations, knowledge, insight and information presented by three credible speakers, specialists in their own lanes of Artificial Intelligence.

Where did the concept come from?

‘Picture This’ is a platform we have created to bring people – our peers, friends and partners – together. It’s a stage to explore our thoughts and discuss topics collectively. Wirebox – Technical Development agency, Interdirect – PR and Digital Comms agency and finally, Stratos – brand and creative agency; underpin the event. 

Through my years of consulting and being involved in various agencies, I’ve found we need to connect with others to fill in our competencies, so I’m very grateful for such effective partnerships.

Each agency and team complement one another, drawing upon each other’s strengths and leaning on our core proposition. Across brand, digital, comms and marketing; I’m proud to have the opportunity to work alongside some of the very best talent, teams, brands and cultures and that is exactly why ‘Picture This’ was born.

We let our audience shape and craft our events. There’s no hard sell – just an honest approach to thought leadership. This is a fundamental part of our approach. After the success of Part 1 earlier this year, we gathered audience feedback to understand what they wanted to see and hear more of. It was no surprise that the hot topic we all wanted to discover more about was Artificial Intelligence.

A hot topic

Earlier in November, Bletchley Park was proud to host the Global AI Safety Summit and it was a huge stage for international governments, leading AI companies and experts in research to come together to discuss and understand how to tackle any potential AI risks to ensure the technology develops safely in the years ahead. 

Martin Carmody, Co-Founder of ‘Picture This’ said, “I’m sure this was a huge privilege for Bletchley Park, not to mention the kudos and awareness it provided for Milton Keynes.

What is clear to me is that we need to embrace AI. It is here and it won’t stop. We are all continually trying to demystify where AI can support, enhance and be applied to our businesses, brands and cultures”.

On the night, we explored, discussed and presented real-life experiences, knowledge and opportunities that we believe would open minds and add value to our businesses, teams and cultures – wrapping up the session with a panel Q&A hosted by Interdirects, Nick Mann. 

We then opened the room and encouraged our guests to get involved in the conversation. There was an incredible debate with great questions and valuable input from all three speakers on the various approaches covered within each answer.

Who were the speakers?

Phil Hill is a photographic artist, lecturer, writer and researcher whose projects have been published and exhibited internationally. 

Matt Eustace is Head of Solutions Engineering for AI-powered insight specialist Aiimi and is one of its founders. 

Matthew Maxwell has been involved in most corners of the design world. He’s currently pursuing a PhD in AI Art & Design at Middlesex University.

So what’s next?

We were delighted with how the event was delivered and have had a lot of positive feedback from our guests. It is now over to them to give feedback on what they want more of. We will take their feedback and look to plan the next session ASAP. 

AI is a conversation that will obviously continue but I personally feel like I’m a little bit more prepared for what’s coming next and I’m looking forward to understanding more. 

Keep your eyes peeled for Picture This – Part 3. Coming to Milton Keynes in Spring 2024!