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Wirebox has become a Laravel Certified Company, one of only three agencies in the United Kingdom.

Laravel is the PHP Framework Wirebox has been utilising to develop software applications for over 7 years. Laravel has enabled Wirebox to build applications effectviely and efficiently and is a tool that is favoured by our software engineers.

  • It is a widely used open-source PHP framework with an active community that is constantly adding and testing new features.
  • Laravel structures backend code with an elegant framework that requires minimal set-up and is easily maintainable.
  • It supports a strong user experience and design best practices.

Wirebox has built powerful websites and web applications using Laravel for many of our clients


Why has Wirebox become a Laravel Certified Company


Laravel Developers can be certified and Wirebox have many certified developers within our team. The Laravel Certified Company certificate is another level where clients can be assured the company meets the standards set for Laravel development.

Wirebox has always been very involved in the Laravel community and getting the certification is a testament to our work and Laravel experience.

Next steps for Wirebox


Being a Laravel Certified Company helps to promote the company and being listed as such on the Laravel accreditations site:

As a company our aim is to grow and get more of our team certified and help to train new staff.

Wirebox is not only proud of our certification but also proud to be a part of the Laravel community and this recognition. For more information on Laravel or if you are looking to start a Laravel project, please visit Laravel Development Services

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